Meet Preeti Tongar – India’s Emerging Social Media Influencer Whose Work Has Been Much Talked About of Late.

Innovative methods have been introduced with the advent of the digital era. In this technologically advanced world, digitisation has come to the forefront in almost all industries. With the popularity of internet usage almost all businesses small or big have migrated their businesses online. Having a powerful digital presence has become extremely important in today’s competitive world.

Social Media has also gained much popularity in recent times, as many users are found spending their online hours on various social media platforms, and it is regarded as one of the most powerful mediums to reach a wide customer base. Social media marketing stands amongst one of the best marketing mediums which have the potential to reach an unbelievable audience base across the globe.

With Social Media gaining much momentum, the demand for Social Media Influencers has also gone up considerably. We have in our midst many such influencers who have made their mark with their impeccable work, but one name that tops all is that of Preeti Tongar who has aced the craft and emerged as the most sought after Social Media Influencers of present times.

22-year-old Preeti was born in Delhi, and since her early days was inclined towards being the best in whatever she did, whether it was studies or any other extra-curricular activities, she topped in all. She scored 85% in her 12th and went on to complete her B.Com and Masters in Counselling from Delhi University. In spite of coming from the orthodox Gujjar community, she was never stopped from following her dreams and passion.

Whether it was pursuing her studies or choosing her career path, her parents have been her pillar of strength and have backed her in every decision of hers, which gave her that much-needed confidence that was required to chase her goals. Preeti has been awarded the Hospitality Head Of student Union In college 2018 and she also bagged the Meritorious Award In Young Film Making Complete 2016, which displayed her multi-talented personality in front of all.

Today, Preeti Tongar has acquired the required skills to become a successful Social Media Influencer and is doing extremely well in the field having bagged many prestigious clients who are in all praise for her work. She has had the privilege to work with many big brands since her foray into the field since 2016, the time from when she has been independently handling her career. When asked about what her future plans, Preeti is quick to respond, “I want to be known as the most reliable and result oriented Social Media Influencers in the country and also want to travel the world very soon.”

With the fast pace that she’s marching ahead, there’s no doubt that she will definitely emerge as one of the most sought after professionals in the industry in the coming times. Stay tuned to know more about her.

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