Meet Producer “Vikram Jamwal”, the Founder of Anar App & Vj Foundation

Vikram Jamwal being a very experienced hotelier as well as a very good person, he has decided to support the children, youth and women of Jammu and Kashmir, and the grief and suffering of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. To overcome this, Vikram Jamwal Foundation has been built.

Vikram Jamwal is a very good social worker, he gives all possible help to people in any calamity, he has great compassion and compassion for the people. He cannot see any person in trouble. Vikram Jamwal has provided financial and social assistance to the needy people through his foundation. Have transported the things of need to the people.

Vikram Jamwal was born on 29 November 1974, he was very talented since childhood, his father used to work for tourism, after being inspired by which he graduated from hotel school, Vikram Jamwal took up business development in Africa, Nigeria Served as director, managing one of the largest hotels in the continent of Africa.

During his course there, he was exposed to several corporate social responsibility programs, including supporting underprivileged youth, etc., where he was inspired to undertake similar activities in his home state of Jammu and Kashmir, which ultimately led to Vikram Jamwal Foundation was established.

Vikram Jamwal is also the founder of the very popular “Anar” app. Anar India is the first Made in Jammu for India platform, the app also envisages promoting local businesses by facilitating and transforming a shop. It is a hyper-local discount app, which connects all businesses in different categories on one platform.

Consumers get to book multiple categories of deals on the same platform. Anar also digitizes local autos, so that consumers can have a great option to book their autos comfortably in their home.

All news related to Jammu and Kashmir and instant information of what is happening in Jammu and Kashmir can be easily obtained in English and Hindi on the Anar app. Authentic indigenous products and services of Jammu can also be easily obtained in the Made in Jammu section in the Anar app.

In the Anar app, new users get 50 free coupons for various categories and auto rides at a discounted price by clicking the Claim Now button on the profile page. By using this, consumers get good and attractive offers along with discounts in going to any place. By using various options in the Anar app, all kinds of needs of consumers are met and they are also benefited.

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