Meet Rajesh PT Redefining Fitness Solutions through His Experiences in ‘Ptzone ’

Rajesh PT is a man who relies on that a particular person doesn’t have to train himself in the four walls of a room or in the same city where one live. He consider that new technologies have been invented for the people who wants to take the benefits and expand their limitations.

With his enthusiasm and passion towards his fitness and his clients, he becomes an inspiration across the globe. He has been very much inspired by his father who was a true follower of Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger one the remarkable quotes, “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” His father used to motivate his kids by saying that one must have a body like Arnold. Since Rajesh was introduced to dumbbells when he was 13, he undergoes with the procedure of training and hard work.

He believes that one must take care of his own body. By way of fitness, you can’t only keep your body fit but you will also feel refreshing and by keeping your body fit, this will help in release of negative energy from the body. He says from his experience that a healthy diet with correct exercises helps a lot to keep your body fit. He used to eat healthy food which contains more fats and less carbohydrates, he always recommends his clients to eat more green vegetables.

Rajesh PT has an experience of 24 years and has gained all the knowledge to make this world better and full of fit people. Apart from this, he was able to converse Type-2 diabetes, it’s a condition that impact the body processes blood sugar. With this diabetes, either a person doesn’t produce enough insulin or it repels insulin.

PCOD, it’s a hormonal disorder that cause enlarged ovaries with minor cysts on the outer edge. Thyroid, any dysfunction of gland at the base of the neck in women’s for his clients online. He didn’t want to restrict himself to have only the physical knowledge but he also wanted to help the people who faces the same issue across the globe.

His main idea of teaching online and help people with daily diet and exercise. To date, he has over 6000 clients and he has been able to cure and assist them in living a hale and hearty life.

He appreciates his clients’ hard work and keeps on appealing them to do better in life. His own fitness Centre named “ptzone” in Coimbatore that was started along with his brother has been generously helping people across the globe.

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