Meet Rashika Sharma: The rising Fashion Designer from India

The world of fashion designing has become very competitive and what makes modern art stands out is that there is always an underlying message in every collection launch.

In India, modern fashion art is relatively new in comparison to the rest of the world but the sheer talent and our cultural aesthetics have made Indian fashion designers globally competitive in a fairly short time.

When it comes to upcoming fashion designers from India, Rashika Sharma’s name always comes up on the top. As one of the leading fashion designers in India, Rashika has accomplished so much in such a relatively short time that her fame has reached globally now. For lovers of traditional silhouette dresses, Rashika Sharma’s creations are a must-watch.

Born and raised in Delhi, Rashika Sharma always had a deep passion for fashion designing. To pursue her dreams, Rashika started learning fashion in her school days.

Since her family had a business background she also studied business and finance but her love for fashion art and designing was enough to push her into taking up a fashion course from Pearl Academy, New Delhi. Every step we take in our life is a potential lesson for life that may help us in the future.

For Rashika, although business and finance studies were a little out of interest, it helped her a lot in launching her own fashion designing brand. For Rashika fashion, designing is not just a business but it’s a potent tool for self-expression, oozing self-confidence, and a platform to empower people.


Rashika’s is described by fashion experts as a unique combination of culture, tradition, and contemporary art infused into creating wonderful silhouettes creations. Rashika is currently focused on the future launch of her special winter festival collection 2021 called “AAINA”. It is going to be one of the best ever by Rahsika Sharma and the theme of the collection is inspired by the natural beauty of the Himalayan plains.

Rashika describes her AAINA as sophisticated embroidered designer dresses with rich and vibrant maroon, royal blue, sunny yellow, peachy, and baby pink colours reflecting harlequin orchards of Himalayas.

In a nutshell, it is all about embracing nature and enjoys its beauty along with celebrating our traditions and culture. According to Rashika, there is no shortage of talent in India and our long history and traditions have enough materials to inspire and create unique designs each time. What makes it cherry on the top is the cultural and geographical diversity of India which provides an infinite source of inspiration.

For Rashika, the sole purpose is to create awe-inspiring fashion art that sparks joy to the people the moment they see, and instead of just use and throw the dress, they cherish and love it for years. For the upcoming generation of novice fashion designers, Rashika Sharma is the perfect ideal to follow and her unique designer collections are sure to become fashion statements in upcoming years. You can find out more about it at

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