Meet Ray Knowledge: An Industry Heavyweight That is Legacy-Minded

Ray Knowledge is a true force to be reckoned with.

As a filmmaker, he has a natural passion for telling stories, but instead of solely providing entertainment, he has so much more to bring to the table. He uses his God-given talent for storytelling to make an actionable difference in support of people and causes that will leave a legacy for the next generation. 

Ray Knowledge discovered cinematography at a young age and never looked back: for him, it was a quick way to express himself while making a difference in his community. Since he started, he’s been no stranger to success, becoming the CEO of his very own production firm: Visionful Productions. The company came about due to Ray developing an interest in filmmaking while attending Full Sail University to study audio production.

One of his classes required him to create sound design for a short film, and this was Ray’s first introduction to the magical world of visual storytelling. Although his assignment was over at some point, Ray became enamored with the process and continued to master editing software for video, starting with early low-budget music video shots using only his phone before eventually investing in his first camera.

Eventually, filming became a full-time deal for Ray, who quit his day job to start his company and follow his dreams. If this wasn’t impressive enough, Ray continued to pursue his passion for audio and music as well.

In addition to being an accomplished filmmaker, Ray Knowledge is also a rap artist, inspired by some of the most influential artists in the genre. As a rapper, he recently released a new single titled “Milli,” which also features GodFearin and BigBreeze.

This fresh, well-produced track is a unique first taste of what you can expect from Ray as a music-maker, and a showcase of his life-long passion and commitment to making quality art, regardless of the medium. His songwriting is personal and diverse, and he endows his songs with Christian values and a positive message, reaching the audience with hope and passion.

Ray is a remarkable individual with a considerable amount to offer.  Whether through filmmaking or making music, Ray is a captain of his industry in this world. He combines honesty and intentionality and injects that into spreading an infectious message that shifts culture.  

Furthermore, he goes out of his way to aid organizations and even local businesses through various charitable endeavors and other initiatives. We’ve all been through a highly challenging time, and many have needed support and understanding. Thankfully, people like Ray (and his loving wife, who are working side by side accomplishing these notable endeavors) are here to make a difference.

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