Meet Rhonda Swan, the New Face Leading the Charge for Women Entrepreneurs 

Rhonda Swan

If you have a story to tell, the world needs to hear it.

Rhonda Swan, the CEO and founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency, helps you make it happen. She’s a leading figure in the ever-emerging world of online branding and PR, and helps “the best-kept secrets become the world’s best-known experts.” Her agency helps coaches, pro speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurs share their stories and get featured in high profile publications.

While Swan now knows exactly how to create a strong, long-lasting personal brand, her talents were forged on a path of self-discovery. And before she could help others tap into their potential for success, she first had to do so for herself.

More Than the Money

After getting two MBAs, one in business and another in advertising, Swan landed a senior leadership role at Fortune 500 company GlaxoSmithKline, where she worked as a marketing executive for 8 years. While the six-figure income was more than sustainable, the work environment was stifling. It left no room for her to grow spiritually or mentally, and with this realization, she began her life-long journey of self-improvement. “I watched an interview with Steve Jobs. He said that if you’re not learning how to use the internet to build a business in this digital economy, you’ll be left behind. I took that seriously.”

In an effort to reclaim her time and build wealth without sacrificing family, Swan took a risk. She quit her corporate position and began to build an online business in 2004. “I knew that if I wanted to raise a child and have a family at the age of 30, I’d need to find a way to maintain my six-figure income without trading away valuable time. And as I started building my company, I quickly realized that the connection I had in pharmaceutical sales had everything to do with building a brand, connecting with people, telling their story, and helping them solve a problem.”

Unstoppable Opportunities

With Swan’s inspiring female leadership, the company has grown from strength to strength. It started by offering courses designed to teach people how to build their brand, but before long, it became a full-blown agency that guides clients on their brand development, logo, message, strategy, and PR. Swan’s company outshines competitors not only due to the quality of the service but also because of her comprehensive value proposition. “Because we’re branding in a digital agency, we do more than just help our clients develop the brand. We also help them with their social media, marketing, and PR, which leads to accelerated exposure and whole new levels of online traffic.”

Beyond the incredible opportunities afforded to her clients, Swan also places importance on diversity within her team. Born of American, Indian, and Italian descent, Rhonda has offered equal opportunities to anybody with the right mindset and a willingness to work – regardless of their background, race, gender, or religion. “We have employees from all across the world. That includes Malaysia, New Zealand, the U.K., Singapore, France, America, and many others. If our employees have done something amazing, it doesn’t matter where they come from. And they certainly don’t need a degree to work for us. We feel that experience is what creates knowledge, and an excited person that wants to work for you deserves a position.”

She has been breaking ground ever since her company’s conception in 2004, having conceived the first female-led company that operates completely online. Swan believes in giving women everywhere a platform to speak and has continued to incorporate these values into her company to this day. “About 80% of my workers are female. In fact, right now, I’m writing a new book called Design to Lead for Women Empowerment, which discusses the importance of taking a stand for women empowerment and getting our voices heard. Giving women the opportunity to be heard and make a difference is one of my highest values, and one I will always stand by.”

Swan’s leadership is an inspiration. Her company is a success story, and truly a tour de force in the online branding and PR space. For the exclusive few who belong in high profile magazines, this is your opportunity to put your message in front of the world. If you want to be positioned as the expert, charge more for what you do, and get invited to speak on stages across the world, then the world needs to hear your story. And one thing is for certain: Swan and the unstoppable family will tell it like no one else can.

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