Meet Ricardo P Lloyd—A Rising British Actor Ready to Take Hollywood by Storm

Ricardo P Lloyd is a self-made actor and a film producer blazing his path to becoming a British global icon in acting and filmography.

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Picture of Ricardo P Lloyd by Julia Buchalska

Ricardo P Lloyd is a self-made actor and a film producer blazing his path to becoming a British global icon in acting and filmography. From a small town in Ipswich, raised in London. Ricardo is a talent that keeps on rising.With almost a decade of acting Ricardo’s acting prowess has distinguished him as a creative, innovative, and visionary artist.

Since he ventured into his career, the 27-year-old actor has often proven resilient to many challenges personally and professionally that will often bring down or stunt artists of his calibre.Being among the few success stories in his home town Ipswich, Ricardo has achieved much in theatre shows since 2015, he has featured in the 2020 list of Top 20 “Ones to Watch Out for” by The Voice.

Throughout his stony path to one of the most celebrated persons of colour in the UK acting industry, the brilliant and multifaceted Lloyd has been triumphing through obstacles and turning misfortunes into epic success.

In 2020 when the global effects of the pandemics hit the entertainment and hospitality industry hard, the actor single-handedly worked on a documentary dubbed Arts hole co-produced with Wendy Richardson. In 2020 he produced his own short film “Call It A Problem,” teaming up with charity The People’s FC and Teviot Rangers FC at the peak of the pandemic.

When it comes to professional excellence, Ricardo is one of the few academically decorated actors. He holds a BA (HONS) in Performing Arts; Film TV & Stage from the Buckinghamshire New University, and Master of Business Administration International (MBA) from Anglia Ruskin University.

Lloyd’s professional competence in theatrical productions and filmography dates back to his undergraduate studies at the Buckinghamshire New University. He shined in Oxford House Theatre and Wycombe Swan Theatre.In 2015, Lloyd starred as lead role Anthony in a short film entitled “University life,” propelling it to a second position in a BIFA competition.

However, he didn’t stop there. In 2019, Lloyd took an active role of Snug in The Shakespeare Walks and was part of Shakespeare Within Abbey produced by the Shakespeare globe and The Royal Shakespeare Company to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday working with the likes of Oscar winning Mark Rylance.

In the same year, he played “Romeo” in the critically acclaimed “EXCLUDED” produced by Intermission Theatre.Despite the limited opportunities offered to black actors in the UK, Lloyd’s determination to unleash the best of his talent in theatre and filmography made him cut through the noise and become a young respected personality in the British entertainment industry.

As a strong champion for equality and racial justice, the talented actor rejects stereotypical roles that paint a misleading picture of the people of colour, even if it means he has to pay the price.

His personal Instagram highlights some of his career successes and his journey giving his followers an insight into his motivations and beliefs. Speaking to Spotlight in 2021, the actor made the following statement on pursuing an acting career: “Sometimes you’re going to have difficult times, sometimes there’s going to be hurdles along the way. The difference between someone who is successful and someone who is unsuccessful is how vigilant and diligent they are in pursuing a thing.”

Despite his many years of experience and being mentored by top-industry personalities, including Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance, the rising star feels the British industry can’t offer enough for his career.

As a result, he plans to advance his acting and creativity in Hollywood, joining the list of other black British actors and actresses who’ve landed prestigious roles in the US entertainment industry who exponentially grew their careers.

With his innate creativity, extensive professional experience, and commitment to growing as a person and artist, it is by no doubt that Lloyd will take Hollywood and the acting (entertainment) industry by storm.

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Ricardo P Lloyd with Mark Rylance taken from his Instagram

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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