Meet Richard Carter, Bragg Gaming Group’s New CEO

The minds behind the company disrupting the world of iGaming

Meet Richard Carter, Bragg Gaming Group’s New CEO
Meet Richard Carter, Bragg Gaming Group’s New CEO

This Wednesday, Bragg Gaming Group Inc (TSX:BRAG) (OTCMKTS:BRGGF) (FRA:SL4A) announced that Richard Carter will be assuming the role of CEO from the company’s founder Adam Arviv, effective May 1st. Carter brings five years of experience as CEO at the interactive sports betting provider SB Tech. In april of 2020, Carter left after a successful 3.3 billion dollar merger with DraftKings and a major American acquisition corp.

With years in the industry under his belt, Carter is well equipped to take on this new role.

“I’m excited to lead Bragg on our mission to become a significant force in the B2B gaming space.” Said Carter in a statement this Wednesday. “2020 has been a very successful year for the company and we are well-positioned to maintain this
momentum into 2021 and beyond.”

2021 has definitely been a busy year for Bragg Gaming Group so far with significant expansion into European markets and major partnerships including the largest Swiss casino operator. Carter made it clear the company has plans to maintain this growth.

“We will continue to grow and broaden the business in our core European markets, while at the same time starting to accelerate our investment and focus on the fast-growing North American iGaming market. Now is the right time to break into this market, and we look forward to building our cutting-edge technology, data insights, and exclusive casino gaming content to the market.”

The innovative gaming solution provider has been making waves in the iGaming industry with their unique business model. Bragg offers “plug and play” style gaming solutions which has allowed them to expand on a global scale. This scalability has evidently been effective for the company which has seen impressive returns. In the past 2 years alone, Bragg Gaming has increased its customer base by over 300% with revenue growth up 74% in the first 9 months of 2020. As a further testament to Bragg’s success, the company says they haven’t lost a customer in 5 years.

The field iGaming is one to watch this year and Bragg Gaming Group is quickly establishing itself as a leading force in the industry. You can find out more about their financials on the companies “investors” page.

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