Meet Sajid Rahman, a Musician and Influencer

Sajid Rahman popularly known as Musician is a Bangladeshi based Artist, Social Media Influencer, Internet Personality from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Born in 6th June, 1998 in Tangail. Sajid started his musical carrier at age 10.

Sajid is currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He handles his musical carrier so nicely side by side his Medical Profession & doing concerts all across Bangladesh.

Sajid has also received training on Indian Classical Dance for more than 10 years from different gurus across the world namely Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pandit Swapan Chowdhury, Shamim Ara Nipa, Shibli Mohammad, Dr.Shoma Mumtaz. Among his dance forms Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Indian Folk Dance were noteworthy. He took part in various Dance competition & received several awards..

Sajid is a Lifetime enlisted Musician on the only stated runned Television Channel named Bangladesh Telivion (BTV) & also a Content Creator on Youtube.

Worth Mentioning, Sajid was the Youngest Performer from Bangladesh on ICC World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony.

All his works got wide range of Media Coverage including Newspaper, TV Channel across home & abroad.

Sajid has been learning Tabla for last 18 years.He has performed on several TV Shows & performs in Concerts all across Bangladesh. His main art form is Indian Classical.Currently,he is learning under his Guru Ustad Ilias Khan disciple of Ustad Alla Rakha & Ustad Kamruzzaman Moni.

Sajid is very much experienced in Composing & Professional Stage Concerts. Some of his works can be found on YouTube & other Social Platforms.

Currently, He is studying MBBS in a Renowned Medical College. He is a bright student from his childhood. He handles his Study & Music side by side very nicely.

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