Meet Sanjay Kumar Gupta: A Passionate and Young Self-Made Digital Entrepreneur

They say “passion wins when dedication and hard work go hand-in-hand.” This is proven by a very young entrepreneur and a self-made digital marketing expert Sanjay Kumar Gupta.

Digital Marketing is gaining popularity over the Internet. From uplifting the business to making it a brand is the main task of a successful digital marketer. Sanjay Kumar aces various skills required for digital marketing. He encourages people to learn and determine credibility as well as the importance of digital platforms. Sanjay also helps the aspirants in such a tough time of unemployment. He helps the youth to make their careers in digital marketing. He skillfully understands the demands of customers and fulfills them to increase the online engagement of their brand.

His Journey

Sanjay was born and brought up in a middle-class family residing in Delhi. He always admired a stylish and equally lavish lifestyle. Like most of the teenagers in this era, Sanjay also was fascinated with social media trends and how it changed the whole landscape of online business.

Sanjay since childhood was a skillful and tremendously strategic person. He had an open mind, which was truly the key to unfold the newest opportunities. Sanjay was one of the youngest entrepreneurs to start his brand at the tender age of 19. He started his website “Finance Rewind.” In a very short time, the website turned out to be the most viewed and popular in the field of digital marketing. He was convinced that social media plays a significant role in becoming popular as well as prosperous. Thus, his foray in digital space started with a blog Website and a social media. He acquired remarkable success with millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

There was no looking back thereafter. He always makes sure to not disappoint his valued clients and always provide them with useful and excellent strategies. Sanjay is a person gifted with ideas, strategies, and various ways of implementing it. He applies everything needed to enter in this digital marketing world. Be it on any digital platform, Sanjay serves the best to his customers making them happy and satisfied in digital business.

To our wonders, Sanjay Kumar has 25 million audiences on Facebook and 2 million followers on Instagram making him a proud owner of a self-made digital company doing wonders online.

Being a successful entrepreneur, Sanjay didn’t forget the roots. He believes in contributing to his community. He has opened various employment opportunities to the number of people who want to achieve their dreams in the Digital Marketing Industry.

His recent projects include Finance Rewind, Gamer Rewind, Non Stop Times under the banner of Vetwe Media Private Limited.

To Conclude

Sanjay also explored other areas of digital space, like e- com, Dropshipping. It provided the spur to continue in this space. He also suffered a few setbacks when Google AdSense disabled his account, and Facebook followed it with the restriction on the number of ads. But this didn’t let Sanjay stop his work.

The social media platforms paved the way for Sanjay Kumar Gupta and let him achieve his dreams. His passion, dedication, and hard-work allow him to be what he admired for.

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