Meet Sanjog Bhushan: A young budding music artist raking up top charts and carving a special niche.

Sanjog Bhushan

Sanjog Bhushan aka TRIX’s soulful music compositions coupled with melodious tunes enthralls all listeners.

Music industry is one big hub and house for umpteen number of artists, musician, singers, producers, song writers and many more. Talent is in abundance with respect to music industry. Many upcoming and established artists have carried the mantle on their head to keeping entertaining the audiences every now and then with their selective charts and songs.

Creative ideas, innovative music, and mesmerizing songs, all have amalgamated to give tremendous impetus to artists and equally to audiences in terms of listening experiences. As music pours internal peace in people’s heart, it’s very important for any musician to perform very creatively to entertain the audience. One such ace music artist and platinum producer is Sanjog Bhushan from India.

Sanjog’s authentic taste of music making, creating different music content has been recognized and appreciated by many millions. Being inclined since childhood towards music, Sanjog had an immense drive, love, and passion towards it. What started for Sanjog from being a bedroom producer to scaling new heights of success today in the music industry has been one amazing tale to tell.

His life trajectory has taken the exponential graph curve and is getting humongous popularity in the world of music and sound creation. Taking giant strides to upbeat and create distinguished and unique forms of music making, Sanjog is all here and quite set to rock the music industry in coming future and attain many awards and accolades under his belt.

Some of his famous charts include- “Everything Changes”, Keep me up”, “Be with you”. His sound design is heavily influenced by western sounds. One of the music genre that he is mainly associated with is Tropical house and uses a lot of summer vibe sound to make his tracks more engaging and fun to listen to. In a short span of time, he has won hearts of millions of audiences and made his position firm in the music domain.

Sanjog has mastered the art of “Break” and “Drop”. This mesmerizing combination has yielded and further propelled Sanjog to gather umpteen number of fan following. His unique creations have left many major music pundits bamboozled and is well appreciated by many industry peers as well.

We wish this future music icon all the very best for all his music endeavors.

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