Meet Shankar Patel the Digital Marketing Expert of India

This is an inspiring story of a village boy, a thinker, and a struggler who had no proper guidance and exposure to education, became one of the successful owner of digital marketing company, Ajanata Multimedia.

Shankar Patel, born in a famer’s family, on 11th January, 2000 is a professional passionate blogger, modeler and traveler. He was born to A Farmer Hari Ram Patel and & house maker Mohini Devi. He completed his early education from Shanti Bal Niketan Lambra, Rajasthan. Shankar is a simple guy who fought many victorious battles in his life and also struggled against odds to fulfill all his dreams.

Shankar Patel is a brilliant mind, with no scope to accomplish something out of the box. While pursuing his education, he came to realize the amount of professional diversity and decided to step in the world of digital marketing. He chose to interact with young minds, provide them specific knowledge about the social networking sites, which is mandatory in globalizing world to guide the minds of youth in the right direction.

Talking about his early education he said, “Once, during exams I was studying and a person from my village asked me to get him some peanuts from a nearby shop to which I bluntly refused. He laughed at me saying ‘as if you are going be a doctor or engineer’. I was hurt. But my mother retorted telling him that I will.

Mother’s confidence gave me a certain will and determination to pursue studying and I decided to give it all I can. It is a fact that education has become costly and hence parents having limited income find it difficult to meet the expenses to educate their children.

But if one aims to become successful, he can prove to people that if there is passion and strong willpower; children of limited income parents can also achieve success in life.”

Over time, Shankar Patel realized that proper awareness about the importance of social media could be used as a weapon to train the young mind to think optimistically. According to him, “Today there is no lack of intelligence among youngsters, what is required is proper guidance to them for effective results.”

With this vision in mind, he created his own digital company to train people and develop their attitude towards any challenges they will be facing in digital world. With that Shankar also manages the social media accounts of high profile personalities. From being active on social media to working hard at various institutes, shankar has won many hearts by the quality of professionalism combined with a sense of duty towards people.

He is the founder of Anjana Multimedia, an Digital Marketing Company which provides services for online marketing & strategy, including SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, email marketing, social media advertising, video marketing, website design, app design, photography, AI & software development.

At Present he is giving his regular service for Digital Marketing at Utkarsh institute in Jodhpur as a studio assistant. With his hard work, result-oriented and humanistic approach to his work, he has been able to carve place for himself in the digital world.

When we asked him, whether there has been an idol or inspiration in his life that he looks upon to, he says; “I personally don’t suggest any person to make any idol in life beacuse when we have an idol we can achieve or walk on a path only till where that idol has achieved or walked. He believes that struggles and sacrifices are a mandatory part of life for growth. These aspects of life uplift and enhance one’s life for better, he suggests designing life own instead.

Shankar is of opinion that, “Many people think people from a poor background or village area can’t get a good education and become successful. Inspiring success secrets of great leaders and successful people prove that strong will power and true passion will help to overcome obstacles in life and become successful. So I always wanted to become successful and for that I worked hard, and overcame many fears.”

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