Meet Singer and Songwriter Darnell Da’Bachelor

Upcoming singer, songwriter, and producer Darnell Da’Bachelor has been looking to make waves in the underground music scene.

One of the most elegant genres of music that has stood the test of time is soul music. There is just something special about the genre that almost refreshes everything it touches.

Upcoming singer, songwriter, and producer Darnell Da’Bachelor has been looking to make waves in the underground music scene. The Mississippi-based hip-hop artist grew up singing in his church, early moments that helped pave the way for everything going on today. 

Darnell Da’Bachelor’s artistry is built with a mission to reach others through his music. The artist hopes to inspire others while showing them his authentic self. 

The creative’s next move is to release a brand new album called ‘New Pair Of Shoes’.

You can listen to Darnell Da’Bachelor here:

You can follow Darnell Da’Bachelor here:

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