Meet Social Worker Kushal Gupta – Samaritan For The Underprivileged And Youth

People who work for the betterment and welfare of society will always be remembered. Delhi’s Kushal Gupta is one such personality who has made people happy with his contribution and good work. Born on 26 May 1989, he has helped the underprivileged, many youths, and indulged in various social activities.

From April 2020, Kushal Gupta is working consistently to provide food, clothing, water, masks and sanitisers to people who need them. He said that a lot of people had called him asking for help due to the sudden lockdown. So Gupta ensured that no one sleeps with an empty stomach. Even today, he is helping many people and says that he doesn’t want people around him to worry if they will have food on their plate tomorrow or not.

About his social work, Gupta states, “I think that’s the least we can do as someone who is blessed with enough. Kindness and humanity are important and should be talked about and shown more than often. Helping others makes me happy, and I will keep doing it till my last breath. I hope more and more people step out and involve themselves in big or small social activities. These are smaller steps to create a better world.”

In 2018, Kushal Gupta was honoured with Youth Icon Award. For the past many years, he has helped many young people stay focused on their goals, especially in sports. In addition, he encouraged and helped several youths chase their dreams and look after the well-being of their family. Moreover, Gupta prevented these bright young minds from staying away from any addiction.

Along with his social work, Kushal is appointed as a prominent member of different trusts and committee. He is the Vice President of Delhi Kushti Mahasangh, trustee of the Lalbagh Raja Trust, general secretary of Yuva Khel Protsahan Sangh and Secretary of Vishwas Nagar Traders Association.

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