Sujal Jethwani, a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Indore, owns almost four million+ followers on Instagram. Now he is working With many big brands and influencers to grow on Gram. With his 4 Year Expertise, he has a personality that has created a spark in the digital marketing industry.

The Beginning of the Journey

A few years back, Sujal started his journey on 1 July 2017 to help people in their worst time by His is Motivation Quotes on his first page @Loser2Leader, which is now Followed by more than 6 Lakh People Globally.

He started getting orders for paid sponsorships and advertisement Campaigns for the organic following on his Accounts.
At such a young age, when all his friends were busy playing games or maybe time passing on the internet, this young boy, Sujal, Started to earn money from his smart work on Instagram by his pages.

Riding High on Success

Sujal proved his successful journey by training his mind and Building Instagram 10+ popular pages with 1+ lakh followers in all different eight niches like Memes, Motivational, Educational, love etc. With a vast network of 4 Million networks, he has grabbed Indian and Western followers’ hearts with his fantastic work.

He Has Recently Launched His Agency by helping his clients improve their marketing strategies and increasing their followers-Base through his Marketing services on social media.

As a social media strategist and influencer, he has crafted with different clients in diverse industries and gained millions of followers.

Some of the most significant pages include:

Viraltheories with more than 1 Million Followers

Loser2leader with over 600K Followers.

Though the number is not easy to achieve the heights of 4 million follower networks on Instagram, being a Digital Marketer, he understands social media’s influence. He invests his earnings in growing his Instagram accounts. Life is not as expected, and the results are not always positive. Instagram banned his Four pages at the inception of 2020. But his consistent efforts and dedication proved him right while he focused on other pages and strived for growth. Nowadays, he is promoting many big brands and companies through his Instagram accounts.

A Message from Sujal

Don’t use social media to impress people use social media to impact people.”

Sujal believes that Social Media is the most significant Opportunity of this century. Now any One Can be a Celebrity with social media’s help; there are myriad opportunities for everyone and anyone who wants to achieve the best in the industry. All you need is to craft content and deliver it to the right audience and the right time on the right platform.

All you need is Don’t panic about anything; ride with momentum; things get better with time, and results will show with Bags of cash and fame. Your patience and dedication will indeed show results one day or another.

Sujal Jethwani has Proved it Social Media does always have a negative impact proving positive.

You can follow him and personally message him on @SujalJethwanii

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