Meet Sundus Rashid, a Modern Poet and Writer the World Needs to Know

She has shown her prowess as a sketch artist also and made a special place for herself in the hearts of people.

It is amazing to know about all those people who have shown what it really takes to become the best in what one chooses to do. These individuals prove that when one works with a determined mind and heart, no obstacle can ever be big enough and people can achieve their desired success. When we speak about states like Jammu and Kashmir in India, all of us are aware of how these places have had to see some grave situations and times all through these years; it is something that the world knows and is aware of how things have been. Amidst all these things, when some youngsters rise above the same to prove to the world their real mettle and exhibit their true talents, shining bright with their resilience and perseverance, it always feels too surreal. We came to know about one such young talent named Sundus Rashid from Baramulla, Kashmir. This young girl shines like a bright star in the artistic world and proves her excellence as a poet and writer, being an 12th grade student.

Beautifully weaving in her ideas and thoughts into great writing and poetry has become this young and beautiful girl’s forte and she has gone ahead in completely astounding people with her writing talents. From the year 2016, she thought of writing poems when things did not seem normal and that’s when she began to pen down her thoughts. She wrote her first poem on her motherland Kashmir, titled ‘Kashmir in Crisis’ as she has seen such situations since birth.

Sundus Rashid unfortunately also lost her father before she was born and her mother, like a real hero, raised her with strong values and love. She says that she loves writing poems about current situations or anything that happens around her, how she feels like a girl and how she has learned to take things. All this encouraged her to publish her book titled ‘Behind Her Smile’. Sundus Rashid proudly says that it is a collection of poems based on things a person goes through but still pretends to be okay. The collection of her poems is a beautiful rendition of her experiences in life and is certain people can deeply relate to all her poems.

Apart from the amazing poet and writer that she is, Sundus Rashid is also a sketch artist and through her art, she keeps mesmerizing people and at the same time explains to them the reality of her region through her designs, which has further gained her massive name and recognition.

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