Meet The Team Inventing Adventure Networking in Whistler at Totem Summit

Have you ever flown across the country to attend a conference and get cooped up inside for 3 days straight?

“Stand up and get out of your seats and stretch. You’ve been sitting all day listening to these fabulous speakers” were the words I heard from the speaker on stage.

Here I was sitting in the audience of yet another conference. I love attending conferences or summits but there hasn’t been much innovation in the industry since I’ve started becoming a regular at them. They usually go something like this.

Pay your conference fee, sit at a table or a chair for the majority of the day, have a networking break, listen to a bunch of highly-paid speakers, then head to the after-party.

Believe me, I am nowhere trashing the way conferences are because I’m a big fan of most of them. I’m just stating that a lot of them are run the same way. That was until I came across the amazing team at Wonka Lab who was organizing this insane event to take place in Whistler, Canada.

They are taking the simple concept of networking and throwing it upside down and pushing it down a hill. Literally. Some people might call it skiing or snowshoeing, but the team at Wonka Lab calls it adventure networking. Adventure networking is the pinnacle of the Totem Summit which will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders from around the world to one of the most picturesque mountain towns in the world, Whistler.

During the 3 days attendees can expect to do everything from network with the fellow attendees on the ski hill, listen to fireside chats, indulge in the beauty of Whistler, and learn from some of the brightest minds from around the world. It sounds like an event you probably shouldn’t miss. Hence why I knew I had to attend.

What I like most about this concept that the Wonka Lab team is building is the fact that everything involves activity. Not sitting in a chair for hours on end. But providing an opportunity to get to know each and every attendee on a personal and professional level. This is something I feel is extremely important today because people buy from people.

It really is that simple. Investors of the top venture capital firms from around the world are often quoted as saying, the reason I invested in “x” company is because (insert name here) is the founder or co-founder. Yes, the product or service is important, but the person is even more important.

Totem Summit will be an event filled with activities and events, unlike any other entrepreneur-focused event I’ve come across because it involves physical activities, not just a little breakout session. Over these activities, attendees will get a chance to connect on another level not seen at most conferences. Something I think will be super powerful.

One of the main messages I want you, the reader to get out of this article is that Totem Summit is changing the game. They are bringing game changers and entrepreneurial leaders together from around the world to connect over 3 days doing things that almost feel like child’s play.

They are building a community for attendees to enjoy themselves in while still conducting business. Something that is often overlooked. We all enjoy having fun and sometimes this provides the perfect environment to get some solid business done.

After all, work should be fun and the same goes for attending conferences. If they are all the same, they become repetitive and boring. If you are planning an event in 2017 don’t make this mistake and instead be innovative and change the game like Wonka Lab has decided to. 

*If you are interested in attending get tickets here


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