Meet “The Boss of Bali” Jason Fong: Your Go-To Guy When It Comes to Bali’s Wonders

It’s Jason Fong’s view that “It’s better to see Bali once than to hear about it from others a thousand times,” so he has spent a career in becoming the subject matter specialist and the “go-to guy” for all Bali tourism operators whilst connecting clients, celebrities, and social influencers to his world famous Instagram page, The Boss of Bali.

Fong hails from Sydney, Australia and was born on September 26, 1978. He started  working as a sales manager and the head of international markets for Australia’s leading e-commerce company and eventually placed in the field of travel and hospitality as a leading luxury travel expert. Soon, he joined Australia’s fastest growing online travel company as the partnerships and contracting manager. The company is at the forefront of the online travel industry which creates instant demand for Luxury hotels across the world. Fong now has dedicated his life towards growing the travel culture for Bali and inspiring people to visit “the islands of the gods.”

Storytelling has become the foundation and is celebrated in the fabric of content that The Boss of Bali has applied to to this social phenomenon. As he now heads towards his millionth follower, Fong welcomes everyone to reach out directly to him so he can make recommendations and connect celebrities and influencers with their ideal Bali escape. Knowing the destination is one thing, but getting under the skin of Bali and truly finding the “good oil” is what Fong loves to discover and share with his followers.

Even though borders are closed right now, we all know that dreaming and planning our next holiday is as inspiring as the actual trip. And, when we look at choosing a destination, we want it to fulfill our hopes and dreams whether those are about trying exotics food and flavours for the first time or just kicking back into cruise control.

Traveling the world is the one thing that does not discriminate between age, gender, race, or social class, and Fong knows that his followers are committed to travelling back to Bali safely when they can because he truly believes that travel is a “force for good.”

Bali has many layers to it. And, whether you are looking for a spiritual moment to connect with the world in Ubud, appreciating the seclusion of Nusa Lembongan or exploring the bustling gastronomy restaurant scene of Seminyak, Bali is a true awakening of the senses.

3 in 10 people in Bali are in the tourism and hospitality industry. Throughout your journey in Bali, its becomes clear very quickly how important and passionate the people of Bali are towards your holiday. Like any amazing destination, Bali’s cornerstone is “its people” and you will be welcomed and accommodated as a guest and leave feeling like family. This is what makes Bali a destination of choice against the many options available around the world.

The Boss of Bali continues to stay committed to its people and the evolution and growth that Bali undertakes everyday. So, if you are interested in your Bali vacation, then there only is one location to visit and that is @thebossofbali on Instagram. Come visit!

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