Meet the Digital Marketing Expert from Jaipur: Hari Soni

Hari Soni’s goal to become a prominent name in the business world has been achieved by him, working as an astute businessman.

All we find around ourselves are individuals who are so obsessed with achieving overnight successes. It is essential for people to understand that true success can only be achieved when individuals work relentlessly and create their success from the ground up. This is what astute entrepreneur Hari Soni too believes, as the rising most businessman, who believed in his dreams and thus achieved them all.

Since a very early age, if anything that did attract this talented man then it was the quest to create something of his own and become a reason for the exponential growth of business industries in his areas of interest. For him everything revolved around the business world and to be the reason for other people’s employment, he decided to first study hard and get a decent job where he could learn the tricks of the trade. Hence, he studied from Rajasthan University and after getting graduated, he decided to join a multinational company named Genpact.

As an employee, Hari Soni gave his everything and worked day and night to help reach the company to much greater heights of success in a short period. However, he always felt the keen desire to start something of his own, but before that made up his mind that he would continue to gain more experience working on the ground. Later, he joined another company named Aircel Ltd and worked for six long years in the same. He achieved great momentum in the company and went ahead to earn many accolades and awards during his tenure for his incredible work.

After working for multiple companies, he thought he was coming closer to achieving his dreams as an entrepreneur and thus, originated his company called ‘Kishu Enterprise’. Going further in his quest to become a prominent entrepreneur, he even launched ‘KKHS Buildhomes Pvt Ltd’, entering the real estate sector and ‘KKHS Media Pvt Ltd’ debuting into the vast media world.

Hari Soni is a true example of a high-performing and resilient businessman who with his passion and determination shifted from being only an employee to an employer and became a job creator for many through his multiple businesses. Along with broadening his horizons as an entrepreneur, Hari Soni has reached a powerful position as an entrepreneur, where he is impacting the lives of many through creating multiple job opportunities for them.

It is his grit and passion that has allowed Hari Soni to achieve the success he always desired.

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