Meet the Entrepreneurs Making Sure Remote Working Companies Succeed

Remote working has become one of the major trends in workplaces around the world. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to experiment with it, leaders and employers alike have realized the multiple benefits (and flaws) that come with it.

Now, organizations around the world are having conversations about the place remote work will play inside their work culture and how to ensure the best remote collaboration. Entrepreneurs like Yanis Mellata and Sam Meurs are betting on remote work, bringing the necessary tools for it to be successful.

According to a survey by KPMG, a professional service network and one of the Big Four, almost 90% of companies are considering introducing remote work policies or have already done so. This is not only because more employees are actively pushing toward the institution of these policies but also due to studies suggesting it improves productivity and wellness, increasing profits in the process.

One of the biggest challenges when shifting to remote work is bureaucratic in nature, such as taxation and legal compliance. However, these are closely followed by the human factor in the form of efficient processes for collaboration and communication. By failing to address these challenges an organization would not only see its productivity affected but also team morale and culture.

Addressing these challenges was the motivation behind the launch of Kosy Office by Yanis and Sam, who founded the company back in 2020. To address these challenges, the platform offers companies unique tools to create and visualize customized virtual offices, allowing their teams to collaborate, interact and work in real time without being in the same space.

While tools like Zoom, Trello, Slack, Jira, teams, and many others allow team workers to share information and communicate, they lack a visual touch. Such platforms can make it difficult for workers to establish relationships with their coworkers and organizations, which is never a good thing. This is because they are either asynchronous or synchronous tools in nature, while a virtual office brings the best of both worlds while boosting positive culture. 

“Our mission is simple, to make working remotely more streamlined, natural, and collaborative,” Says Yanis. “We wanted to bring real-time interaction back at the heart of the remote collaboration experience.”

By having a remote office using Kosy Office’s platform, teams can collaborate by using rooms set for meetings, pin data to specific spaces, interact with each other in the virtual space, bring spontaneity back to home offices, customize each employees experience, share media like music or games, and even have an office pet. While this might seem unnecessary to many, experience has shown that such opportunities help reduce the feelings of depression, loneliness, and distraction that remote working can entail.

“I don’t see how you can work remotely for an extended period without having a high frequency of interaction,” Says BuyerGenomics’ Founder & CEO Mike Ferranti after having introduced the platform to its company. “Seeing people daily is key and that is only possible in a virtual office.”

Yanis and Sam’s disruption of the remote working space has not gone unnoticed.

Not only have companies like King, Insider, Netflix, and Shopee found value in their platform to help their teams collaborate when working remotely but so did startups and companies in over 125 countries. With these companies having teams all around the world, the chance to bring them all into a virtual space has been essential in strengthening their identity.

The debate between the benefits of remote work and returning to the office is still prevalent in academic circles and meeting rooms around the world, one thing is clear: remote working is here to stay. No matter if remote working is not established as the only model by an organization, a compromise to integrate it is more likely to take place than not. This means that now it is not a matter if remote working will take place but how… making platforms like Kosy Office essential.

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