Meet the High Risk-Taker Carlo Parodi Knows as Mr Casanova Creating an Extraordinary Success Story for Himself as a Versatile Business Owner.

He took inspiration from the great Giacomo Casanova and went ahead in creating his ‘Casanova Empire’ with multiple businesses.

It is always very surreal to learn about the success stories of the world that not only help others gain inspiration from them but also impact people on a profound level, making them believe in the power of pushing limits and going beyond boundaries. This is something only a few entrepreneurs of the world have been able to do and excel at in their respective niches.

To develop an idea and grow a business in the same can take years for some, but when worked with a determined mind and soul, things start falling into place, even when others around hardly believe us, says Carlo Parodi, who today stands tall as one of the most sought-after multipreneurs in the world, excelling ahead in the vast business world with his unique business sense and a uniquely created empire, taking great inspiration from Giacomo Casanova.

Taking the risk of listening to what his heart sought to dive deep into industries and creating his unique niche, Carlo Parodi truly emerged as a high risk-taker who crossed boundaries to become known as a leading serial entrepreneur with his businesses. He confesses he had the best of childhood as his parents always supported him and provided him with the best education. As a kid, he was a sports enthusiast and yearned to become a Formula One driver.

When at 18, he discussed his dreams with his friends, he would often get laughed at, but hardly this young talent got affected by it and decided to only follow his heart and instincts. The result, you ask? Today, Carlo Parodi is the man behind the company of ‘Giacomo Casanova Ltd’, as he has always been a great admirer of the legend, the one who first established a museum in Venice and took the copyright of the brand Casanova.

Carlo Parodi, who hails from Italy, owns different businesses across fields and has made the UK his base. He is the creator of Casanova Museum & Experience in Venice. His expertise was proved when he built the museum in just three months for introducing it to the world on Giacomo Casanova’s birthday, he also created the first Foundation Giacomo Casanova which has appointed history professors, 18th-century experts, and local authorities to work. Carlo Parodi also ventured into ‘Made in Italy’ champagne and prosecco products with his brand ‘Casanova Prosecco’ (@casanovaprosecco)selling it across the globe.

Carlo Parodi has now ventured into making high-quality undergarments collection for men (giacomo casanovastyle) The new style to underwear! ,which offers a stylish yet comfortable feel to them. For making the pieces more ‘high on fashion’, he has even hired expert people from the fashion industry; this proves his attention to detail and an unwavering desire to make it a successful venture.

He is only stepping higher on the path to success, inspiring more and more people worldwide. To learn more, follow him on Instagram


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.