Meet the ‘Millennial’s Mentor’, Christian Debra, Taking Over the World of Forex Trading as a True Blue Professional.

There are a set of people in this world who are pure dreamers, and then there are people who are dreamers as well as action-takers. People in the latter category most often achieve their desired success for the kind of passion and determination they show towards their goals and their absolute resolve to provide value to people through whatever they take in their hands.

The world of forex trading is one, which has so far welcomed innumerable talents, but only a few have been able to go ahead in creating their unique niche. We came across one such high-performing and highly driven individual from Canada named Christian Debra, who is popularly known as The Millennia’s Mentor.

Interestingly, the serial entrepreneur was all into music and was known as Why’el the musician, who wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. However, life had much bigger plans for him, and he entered the vast entrepreneurial world, making him a one of a kind Black Canadian businessman and mentor in Toronto’s forex trading industry.

Through his journey transitioning from an aspiring musician to becoming an extraordinary mentor and entrepreneur in forex trading, Christian Debra proved what it really takes to become the best in the business world, helping the youth along the journey.

Consistent efforts: There is nothing more powerful than pure hard work and consistent efforts, proves the successful journey of Christian Debra, who kept discovering newer opportunities and found his way to the top in the forex trading industry. Amidst the pandemic, his hard work earned him over $250,000 CAD and helped him initiate The Blue Zone FX, one of Canada’s top online trading courses.

Providing value: All those entrepreneurs who go above and beyond to provide value to others shine differently, just like Christian Debra did. With his Blue Zone FX academy, he teaches and mentors students how to trade the markets, raise funds, and receive capital to trade. With that, he also helps them with high levels of drive ‘secure the bag’, which helps them find funding from 25K to 200K to trade with. He also came up with The Blue Room, a unique chat room for aspiring traders to remain engaged.

Working with compassion: Compassion helps entrepreneurs become greats in their industry. Understanding the difficulties and struggles of others and helping them by providing them with the best knowledge to improve their situations is what great entrepreneurs and mentors are all about. Christian Debra teaches his students to never let hardships dishearten their passions and, as a mentor, helps them turn their dreams into a beautiful reality.

Christian Debra’s journey so far has been truly inspirational for positioning himself at the forefront of the forex trading world as a man who faced many odds, but the one who believed in his strong visions and dreams and made every possible effort to reach where he is today, stopping for no one and taking the millennials towards greater success in the forex world as the sought-after Millennials Mentor.


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