Meet the Multi-Talented Personality Akil Henley, who has Donned Many Hats Successfully

Creative minds have the ability to do new and exciting things and engage themselves in such a way that it takes them one step closer to unleashing their full potential. We have in our midst one such individual who has undertaken multiple tasks and fulfilled them successfully. He is Akil Henley from the Caribbean, more popular as his influencer name ‘Traveldronelife’.

Akil has excelled in the craft of taking aerial shots using a drone camera, and this art of his has made him a popular name in the field of photography. His images are worth dying for which have been captured from all nooks and corners of the world. His aerial photography skills have earned him a humongous follower base which number to more than 20k on his social media. Impressive, isn’t it?

We ask Akil about what made him choose this career over others and also about his other initiatives which have won him enough laurels. “I was always passionate about photography and entered into its realm six years back. I started from NYC and was one of the foremost guys to introduce drone photography which was almost unknown at that time,” says Akil.

He has travelled to more than 46 countries and has captured mesmerising images from each continent. Every capture of his has been marked with useful information mentioning a brief history about the place which makes viewing his photographs all the more an enjoyable experience.

He has also tried his hands in the tech world and has emerged a winner in that field as well. His creative instincts gave way to developing an app during the lockdown by learning about coding and the works by watching YouTube videos.

Soon he came out with an iOS app named nFluencer which has more than 106k users at present. Akil has emerged as a multi talented individual who has proved his mettle by exceeding all expectations and emerging as a winner in all his endeavours.

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