Meet the New Wolves of Wall Street: Options Snipers

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It’s no surprise that Gen Zs and Millennials struggle with financial literacy and comprehension now more than ever. And it’s not their fault. Their naivety doesn’t stem from a lack of interest but rather the failure of their education and parental systems. Financial health and literacy are some of the most important skills for survival in today’s digital world.

Options Snipers, formed by visionaries Wasola Akinwuowo, Joshua Alufa, Mike Washington, Wale Olawoyin, and Deji Adebayo, was created out of their desire to demystify the trading industry and lead a path to financial freedom for the younger generations. Their leadership team is dynamic, universal, and diverse; they are motivated, experienced, and driven, and they want to bring their knowledge to the masses.

Meet the Founders

Nucleus of the group Wasola ‘Wasi’ Akinkuowo is a coach, trader, serial entrepreneur, and crypto genius. He holds an MBA in Business Administration and a BA in Information Systems.

Joshua Alufa, an ER nurse in a past life, is now an entrepreneur, first-class trader, and coach. He is committed to setting people free from financial illiteracy.

Mike Washington has served as a U.S. Marine, police officer, and detective before joining the co-founding team of Options Snipers.

Wale Olawoyin is a jack of all trades and a master of them all. He successfully built a computer at the age of 15 and later earned a BA in Computer Science from Howard University. Then he went into filmmaking and had the pleasure of working with Beyonce. His multi-talentedness gives him an innovative perspective to bring to Options Snipers.

Deji Adebayo is a serial entrepreneur who likes a challenge. His driven and passionate nature benefits the Options Snipers team immensely.

The New Wolves of Wall Street

Options Snipers is a game-changer in the world of Wall Street – an Options Trading Training Academy that teaches its students how to buy and sell contracts at the right time for maximum profits.

The Options Snipers team is building a community where everyone can win. They are professional, approachable, and carry positive mindsets. All of which are the primary driving forces behind their brand. The professional team of co-founders are experts in the trading industry and possess the unique ability to forecast profit predictions without compromising any ethics within the trading sector.

Options Snipers is teaching financial literacy to a diverse generation of young people. They want the current and future generations to know how to make their money work for them instead of the other way around, build passive income streams, and build lasting wealth with Optics Trading. Their client base features people who are looking to build a pathway to financial stability through options trading as well as gain empowering financial self-sufficiency.

What business can do for readers

If you want to gain financial knowledge and independence, visit Options Snipers on their website at and their Instagram at 

About Options Snipers

Options Snipers are an Options Trading Training Academy that teaches how to buy and sell contracts at the right time to make maximum profits. They have been featured on NBC, CBS, and FOX News. Click here to join their community to learn how to leverage your time and money:

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