Meet the Proud son of a Farmer, Vivek Khandale, helping Businesses and Individuals Thrive on LinkedIn

Isn’t it always fantastic to learn and know about different individuals from different backgrounds from other parts of the world, working their way to the top all independently? Well, the world has several such talented beings, but a few of them astound people with the unique passion and determination they exude for their chosen industries.

Also, one cannot deny that the road to success has never been a cakewalk for anyone. It requires patience, courage, and tenacity to reach where one desires to be in life. However, knowing what he wanted and making the most of the opportunities led Vivek Khandale to reach the top of the digital space, becoming the ace LinkedIn coach and LinkedIn growth hacker he is today.

Vivek Khandale was born in 1998 in a small village of Maharashtra and currently resides in Pune. From the beginning, struggles were a part of their lives, where they had to work harder to get what they wanted and did not get anything ready on a platter.

To change his and his family’s life for the better and do something that could help him reach a position where he could become a self-made professional, Vivek Khandale entered the digital space, specifically LinkedIn, and now has changed the game of the same in his way for the better.

LinkedIn is a world of its own, where millions of people, brands, professionals, and businesses create their accounts in their quest to achieve the work they desire or offer others. It is a professional social media platform that can connect people from any part of the world and provide work prospects for people through the same. Vivek Khandale saw its constant rise, and to do something unusual, he decided to become a LinkedIn coach and LinkedIn growth hacker.

Today, he helps students, professionals, and businesses get the most out of LinkedIn. He has raised the bar for others by assisting people to achieve the success they seek on the platform.

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