Meet the Talented Sejal Surani Founder of Haq Se Foodie

Sejal Surani, a 25-year-old young food blogger is a Rajkot resident & is a big foodie who is also a founder of her YouTube channel Haq Se Foodie.

Sejal loves to cook, eat, and try new recipes as well as share them on her blog. Since childhood, she was fascinated by cooking food. She tried many recipes with many variations, of course, some were great, some were failures and some were even worst. But Sejal never stopped cooking. She followed her passion, worked hard, and today her blog; Haq Se Foodie has reached 100k subscribers which is indeed a first step towards the biggest success.

Sejal at the age of 25 decided to become a Food Blogger & YouTuber. Her channel consists of various food recipes representing the main cuisines of her state Gujarat. She turned her passion for food into her full-time occupation. She loves to cook, eat, shoot and share it with us.

Born and brought up in a Gujarati family at Rajkot, Sejal was already aware of the varieties & flavors of food. Being a Gujarati was indeed her plus point as she tasted some of the very delicious Gujarati food items.

During her college days, Sejal was an average girl in her studies but equally more passionate & fascinated towards cooking. She loved to cook food. She tried many different recipes of food. Her complete family is a foodie so; it’s much more obvious that from the very beginning of her childhood, Sejal was tempted to taste various food items of Gujarat.

As for now, Sejal’s food channel received applauds from her audiences as the channel crossed over 100k subscribers. In the coming future, Sejal wanted to see her blog amongst the best food blogs in India.

Her passion, dedication, and hard work turned out to be the real success for her food channel. During this pandemic situation, Sejal posted some innovative and amazing videos about cooking delicious dishes from leftover food items which were grabbed the attention of many viewers. Sejal also suggested some savory homemade dishes which can be made quickly and tastes great so that people enjoy their meals at home avoid going out.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.