Meet the Woman Behind Atlanta’s Breakout Business Event – The CWO Conference

Halani Lobdell is a major voice in the fitness industry. The Atlanta born influencer, business owner, and fitness trainer launched a high level business conference – the CWO Conference (Chief Woman Officer). This conference proved to be a sensational showcase of the rising success of women in industry, featuring almost exclusively women who have been successful in their industries and who are each icons in their own right.

The event was a major success, with snippets from the event going viral on Instagram. Along with the many other women who spoke at the event, Lobdell used her platform to speak encouragement and motivation to the many women in attendance.

Halani’s key points at the conference included manifesting your goals and seeing them become your reality. This has certainly been a core principle for her as she has taken the fitness industry by storm in the last couple of years. After years in the fire department, Lobdell retired as a battalion chief and went on to launch her own clothing line, while also working as a fitness trainer and educator.

For many in her position, the idea of crushing a new way of life and new career would seem completely impossible. But as she reminds her over 400,000 followers on Instagram and the women of the conference, “the reality you are wanting to make is yours to make.” You simply have to see yourself in a position before you can obtain it.

Halanie also gives credit to a higher power, telling her followers  that she is always trusting God to direct her in her life and to give to her the things that will make her successful and will bring her abundance. Her secrets to success are highly coveted pieces of information as she herself has made her life into a success following the same advice that she tells her many followers and her clients.

After launching her clothing line, she was able to crush a staggering million dollars in sales in the first year alone. She’s gone on to expand both her businesses and her online presence, amassing a major following. It’s been her commitment to her faith, her work ethic and her dedication to empowering other women in her tribe that has made her training content and her clothes line such a massive success.

Halani’s way of doing business may not seem like the way many conduct their service, but if you ask her about it she’ll simply tell you it’s because it’s not about the money that she could charge, it’s about delivering value to her followers. Her approach to business training is one of getting information out there and teaching on a broad scale, not just charging for a service and then delivering small bits here and there.

With this same philosophy of value delivery and her experience with the power of manifestation, Lobdell brought the value with her to the CWO Conference and made it a memorable time for everyone lucky enough to be there.

If you are interested in keeping up with her latest workouts and events, you can follow Halani via her Instagram page.

You can also view more information about the CWO conference on their website.


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