Meet the Young Australian Making Waves With His New Business Venture

Australian teen Jason Shipway wasn’t a child prodigy or incredibly educated entrepreneur. In fact, he dropped out of high school when he was just 14 years old. He was never one to follow the conventional mode of being. When the pandemic hit, he found his life utterly transformed, but for the better.

Since almost nobody was hiring and he wasn’t able to land one of the few jobs in circulation, Shipway decided to start his own business. That way, he could guarantee that he would have a job, as long as the business was making money. After narrowing down the options, he locked in on establishing a home cleaning business called Enhanced Home Cleaning.

Even though his business is just six months old, Shipway has managed to build a huge stream of recurring revenue. He touts this success to his incredibly unique selling proposition that has been called Australia’s “most outrageous” home cleaning guarantee. Jason promises clients that they will get the clean of their dreams, or else it’s free.

Shipway’s commitment to customer service has been making waves. It turns out, not surprisingly, that customers enjoy being treated like royalty. Jason goes the extra mile to beat out the competition because he knows that without his clients, there is no business.

Enhanced Home Cleaning provides a free 15-25 minute in-home consultation that ensures clients receive the best clean for their needs. It allows them to have total control over what goes into their home’s clean. Providing the best possible service is Jason’s highest priority.

Since starting Enhanced Home Cleaning, it has been Jason’s mission to provide immense value to his clients, while making sure their buying experience is the smoothest that it can be. He has managed to successfully eliminate as many “buying constraints” as he could. His philosophy involves having fun while running a business and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. When looking at his plethora of five-star reviews and raving testimonials, its clear to see that he has succeeded in doing just that.

Shipway’s success in such a short amount of time proves that starting a successful business does not have to be hard. In fact, it can be relatively easy when you set up the right systems and employ a winning strategy. By teaching himself digital marketing, he was able to advertise his business without spending any money at all. Thanks to using social media to promote his business, along with establishing a very generous referral system, Shipway was able to enjoy the accelerated growth of his new business.

You can head over to Enhanced Home Cleaning’s website to learn more.

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