Meet the Young Entrepreneur Brothers – the Power Duo

Mohit Behl and Nitish Behl are two very successful entrepreneurs aged 22 years and 23 years. Mohit and Nitish are the power duo brothers as they have had the same vision and worked hard to become what they are today. It is awe-inspiring that they started their entrepreneurial journey at a young age. There is a lot of competition in the digital marketing niche, and they still managed to be on the top with a lot of persistence, dedication, and passion.

The Behl brothers are from Lohian, a small city in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. When they were in 10th standard, they also did a job along with their studies that paid them 20 thousand rupees. They saw an opportunity, many scopes that social media could provide, and started digital marketing ten years ago when social marketing was still booming.

While other siblings were fighting over insignificant things, Behl brothers came up with business ideas. They started their own company named JMD Digital Inc. in the year 2018. They started it off as a side hustle when they were pursuing computer science engineering. Their company JMD Digital Inc. is one of the best digital marketing company with clients from all over India.

Behl brothers always had an urge to do something and become the bigger and better version of themselves. They found their passion and chose to stick to it. They could have worked a 9 to 5 job and got settled like the regular, but they wanted to do something different in their lives, something massive and something for which they are passionate. Therefore they converted their side hustle to a profession. However, the path they chose was difficult; they decided not to give up and keep moving on with the trends we see in social media.

Many companies give social media marketing services, but the Behl brothers shine because of their impressive work, experience, and work ethic. Starting anything is easy but making it sustainable is one of the most challenging tasks. The Behl brothers had each other’s backs, kept supporting each other, and moved forward.

Entrepreneurship is a difficult path. One has to start with little investment and make considerable turnovers to sustain, which takes effort and time. The driving force behind JMD Digital Inc. is the passion the Behl brothers have for social media marketing.

Only hard work and dedication have made JMD Digital Inc. a successful company. Every penny that they earned has a lot of hard work behind it. They started with social media marketing and slowly expanded and made their way into making some unique websites and all the digital work it takes to market a product.

They have created Facebook pages for their clients, which have a more than 25 million traffic count. They always have keenly observed the market trends and social media trends and kept up with them. The Behl brothers never stop and constantly come up with new ideas to keep them on their feet.

The Behl brothers still burn the midnight oil to keep up with the competition and never get tired of doing hard work. Both the brothers have a stronghold on technical stuff too. They have good knowledge in C, C++, Java, PHP, android development, and more.

They have used their computer science degree to flourish in their field. They provide their digital marketing services for all the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. They just put a lot of dedication and hard work into giving out the best quality services. One thing that the Behl brothers teach us is never to give up.

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