Meet The Youngest Serial Entrepreneur Of Asia – Abdullah Mehmood

From an early age, Abdullah started showing signs of entrepreneurship. Realizing the power of social media, he dived into the structure early on and keeps exploring different sides to it. To find another opportunity, to make another mark!

Fast-forwarding to fifteen, Abdullah was making vlogs and funny videos through his cellphone camera’s and managed to score three YouTube channels with 100,000 subscribers. Though tough for him at the start, as he was finding it hard to juggle between his studies, channels, and pages altogether, but he strived and kept ongoing.

Motivated by the success Abdullah took the biggest step of his career: founding Rex Media Group. A media and public relations agency that supports brands’ growth, advises them on their public relations and sales funnels.

Rex media also provide a free consultation to young entrepreneurs who need mentorship. His company is doing quite well, and many famous social media stars are his satisfied customers and remain in touch.

Not only this he has even released three hit-singles which are easily available on Spotify, Amazon and from time to time he is seen roaming around with his fellow social media influencers and when free, he also makes sure to interact with his followers on Instagram.
The journey of Abdullah becoming an entrepreneur was definitely hard, he failed but didn’t stop, he tried again and achieved his milestone.

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