Meet Ved Prakash Sharma, Becoming a Catalyst of Change in the Education Sector of India.

His passion, dedication and commitment to providing the best education to kids have brought him to the forefront of the industry.

In a world that seems too consumed with attaining overnight success stories, all those people who choose hard work and go under the grind are the ones who go ahead in becoming a shining example of a success story in the world. The success stories that are made from the ground up are the ones that fuse in the right energies, hope and positivity in others. We came across one such benevolent man and an entrepreneur who believed in doing the different and hence, has become a catalyst of change in the education sector of our country; he is Ved Prakash Sharma.

If anything that ever attracted Ved Prakash Sharma since the beginning, it was his hunger to impact the lives of others in the world. He was born in Jaipur in 1997 and completed his B-tech in engineering. Since he always wanted to do something great in life, first, he got into the sales sector but couldn’t find happiness working in the same. Then, he jumped into offline marketing, working with many companies but wasn’t satisfied even here. Ved Prakash Sharma then started doing many courses that could teach him about digital marketing. Over time, he earned great expertise in the same.

His prowess with digital marketing led companies to exponential rise, where he grew their social media and turned them into well-known brands. However, the youngster’s life changed for the better when last year, the outbreak of a virus in the form of a pandemic made him realize the true scenario of India’s education sector. He realized his true calling and jumped into the sector to start his own academy with the aim to improve the education sector and provide better education facilities to kids.

Going further, Ved Prakash Sharma opened his second company for 6-12 class students named ‘Veduce’, The Futuristic School ( , also helping kids with competitive exams. Opening up this company, Ved Prakash Sharma quotes, “Through this firm, I wish to help all those kids from the lower-income family backgrounds who cannot afford proper education. Today after one year of its inception, we have many students learning under this platform.” Ved Prakash Sharma also has two apps on Playstore, where he provides live classes to students.

Even the government has supported Ved Prakash Sharma’s efforts in education. Ask him what is his dream and the young entrepreneur and educationist says he wants to start an open digital school for all the children in India, especially the ones in most need of proper education and the ones who cannot afford the same like orphans, or kids from NGOs, for providing free education and give them the best training through the same.

As an entrepreneur, the youngster also opened his third firm named ‘Safe Home India’ ( in the service segment, providing home services, plumber, light, water services, etc. An app for the same would also get soon available on Playstore, says Ved Prakash Sharma. Talking about his aim, he says, “I want to provide the most low cost and the best education to all the kids in India.”


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.