Meet Wildman Sarpmitra Akash Jadhav

India is a land of diversity large amount species live here snakes are common in that but very rare to see. Because of deforestation and modernization snakes are getting no place. Whenever they use to come near to people, because of superstitions and fear, people use to kill them and because of this, the number of snakes is reducing day by day. Here we come, we rescue snakes and bring them to a safer place where they can live without affecting human life.

Akash Jadhav was from a middle-class family and was interested in savings Snakes and Wild animals. There was Extreme poverty in my family. I did not have enough money for education and decide to left school. In 7th standard, I left the school and from here my journey started.

In 2007, I came to know one of my related named Sunil Bhambal was working in Satara to save snakes and wild animal’s life. I was interested to go there and start working with Sunil but my family didn’t allow me to go there. So, I didn’t inform my family and went to Satara there from the relative Sunil I started learning about rescuing snakes and how we can bring them to a safer place. Around 1 year, I learned about all the different kinds of Indian snakes and from my relative Sunil, I also learned the process of rescuing snakes.

I started working in Ahmednagar in 2008, While doing so I was getting a lot of rescue calls from many different villages in Ahmednagar. I was working 24 hours a day. There were about 5 to 10 rescue calls every day. So, I decided to Increase the number of people and make a team.

Atul Pakhare, Nawaz Shaikh, Rishikesh Jadhav, Shiraj Sayyed, Siddhant Waghchaure, Rishikesh Paredeshi, Aniket Pakhare were people who trained on snakes and joined our team. While rescuing a snake I realized that there is a lot of superstition about snakes in India.

There are many misconceptions about snakes as well like how to properly treat first aid on snakes’ bites. Therefore, snake bites kill millions of people in India due to a lack of knowledge.

I so while rescuing I started to tell people that how to give proper first aid to save themselves from the snake bite. Went to schools and colleges and started spreading awareness amongst student. But like this, we could only reach Ahmednagar. But the superstition and misconception about snakes are all over India so I thought to spread this knowledge among the whole country.

I made a YouTube channel named “Sarpamitra Akash Jadhav” and started putting videos of rescuing snakes and also gave knowledge about snakes and treatment of snakebite. People on social media started appreciating our work and by the time we crossed 4M Subscribers on our channel.

People think so that the girls couldn’t do such kind of work but we had to prove them wrong, Girls also started joining our Team. Megha Bhalerav, Neeta Gajare, Rajeshri Alhat, Sheetal Kashar are the female members of our team.

We are proudly operating in the Ahmednagar district. Thank you.

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