Meet William Rodda, the Youngest Hero of Australia, Who Saved a Toddler from a Massive Fire

When we look very closely around ourselves, we would find that the world on one end is getting smaller, thanks to the internet and on the other end, people are getting closer as well. This shift in the dynamics of the world as a whole is also because of the changing mentalities and perspectives of people at large, not just because of the growing presence of the online world, but also because some sections of people have forgotten what it takes to be more human and less mechanical.

Even today, if something can bring about a smile on people’s faces and something which can make people believe in goodness again, then it is not the advancement or developments we make as humans in the technologically driven world, but the goodness we share with people and the humanity we show for others, especially in times of adversities. No matter how much ever we love the heroes we enjoy watching in movies, nothing can beat the heroship that people show in real lives and prove the world that goodness is still alive and humanity still has the same definition.

There’s one such hero we came across, who is only a 17-year-old teenager, but the one who proved people that an individual could be of great help to others at any age, only thing is that the individual must be willing to do it. This young boy, who is kindness personified is William Rodda.

Life in just a moment can change many things for many people. Similar is the story of  Rodda who hails from Brisbane, Australia, who is today seen as the hero of real life for many across Australia and now the world, by becoming the youngest individual to save a toddler’s life in a tragic incident that could have put the life of the child in danger caused by a massive fire. Before this incident, just like any other teenager, Rodda spent most of his days, hanging out with his friends, spending time on his computer, watching anime and today, enjoys babysitting as well, all thanks to his hero like job at saving the toddler from getting caught in the fire.

The most prime reason that makes Rodda stand apart from all his friends and peers is his act of rescuing and saving a child from a two-storey building that was engulfed in fire in Brisbane. He was only 16 then when this incident took place. Apart from living a life like a teenager, Rodda has also been actively helping his parents in managing the multiple properties they own across Brisbane. Just like a typical day, Rodda left home in the evening to be at one of the rural properties of his parents that is spread across 170 acres in size. He was walking across the horses and suddenly felt that something was really wrong, or not in place. He felt weird and amidst the darkness, he could see a building glowing red and blazing in the fire. He did not know then, that this particular incident of his life could be a life-changing turn for him.

Rodda heard a mother of a toddler screaming who were still at the building. The panicked mother wanted to save her 1-year-old son, as she shouted for help. William knew that the rural fire brigade would take some time to arrive at the spot and since time was running out, he first called up his family for help and as they arrived, without waiting anymore, with his presence of mind and spontaneity William like a real-life hero ran into the building to save the child.

Hearing the screaming child and then bashing down the flaming planks himself, he found the toddler, who was closer to ground, picked him up and ran to exit the building. This incident not only saved the little one’s life but also showed the heroic side of a teenager, who without thinking twice for his own life, came to the rescue of the child and gave a new life to not only the toddler but his parents as well.

Life can be changed in just a moment and a profound impact can be created on people with just one simple gesture of humanity and presence of mind, which has the power of saving lives and giving hope to many others out there in the world who could believe in the magic of goodness again. This is what Rodda  has proven with his heroic act, that in times of crisis, thinking twice about anything may put the lives of others in danger and to make a difference in people’s lives, one must come forward and take that first step to show what it takes to be kind to people and what humanity is all about.

The youngster has now gotten the inspiration to study for becoming a preschool teacher, after saving the toddler’s life and is studying hard to achieve his goals in the same.

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