Meet Young Talented Actor and Influencer, Amran Hossain ‘Sobuj’

He is known for his acting skills and creative videos

Meet Young Talented Actor and Influencer, he is also a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, and Influencer, Amran Hossain ‘Sobuj’ is a comedian actor, Amran Hossain is a short film star and currently, his short films are on the national level.

He is also known for his acting skills and creative videos over the society for which he has been able to secure a large number of views on his videos. Amran Hossain was born in Laxmipur, Bangladesh, and loved acting which gave him a chance to embrace him as a star with his incredible videos, Amran leveraged his stardom to help him realize his dreams. He was able to get as many fans on social media as he always wanted in life.

However, this is only the beginning of this young man as Amran wants to go a long way in his professional career. Amran wants to do big roles in Bangla movies and tv shows. Thus, waiting for the right opportunity to knock on your door. Meanwhile, Amran is all set to take a big step in the industry as it gets something concrete on its way.
At the age of 23, he did wonders with his acting mantra and made his place in the hearts of the people thereby becoming a star.

Amran is considered one of the best short film actors in the country today. Amran has become an inspiration for lakhs of youths who want to make their career in this field. He also introduces his Instagram fans to the latest trends. Being a public figure and always facing the limelight, Amran loves to lead a simple life with his family and friends supporting his family in every way possible.

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