Meet Youngest Blogger And Entrepreneur Utkarsh Goswami Who Believes In Turning Ideas Into Reality

The young Google certified digital marketer is scaling the new heights of success. The Digital revolution has given rise to entrepreneurship spirit among the youths of today. There is an increasing number of young people who are taking a calculated risk to turn into entrepreneurs.

Utkarsh Goswami, 22, is one among them. He is a Google certified digital marketer and the Founder & CEO of the Digital Marketing firm TechnooBytes. The firm helps small and big businesses to expand their presence online and grow their brand exponentially.

Born on 9th July 1999, in Karnal Haryana he holds a Graduate Degree in Business Administration from Kurukshetra university. He started blogging at the age of 16 with the name TechnooBytes. The blog has received millions of reviews from across the world.

The website mostly talks about the latest and trending tips and topics of digital technology. He also worked as a freelancer initially. Once his efforts started materializing, he decided to start his own firm to help other businesses in leveraging the best of the digital world.

Utkarsh Goswami’s venture TechnooBytes is one of the fastest-rising digital marketing agencies. It caters the services like website designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

It helps businesses or personal brands to attract a more and relevant audience to their website and other social media platforms. The firm also helps in strategizing the campaigns in a way that more traffic is converted into real customers.

At a young age, Utkarsh Goswami has been able to create a team of experienced and result-oriented professionals who deliver the latest and best solutions to his client. He has vision, sharp technical & business skills, and leadership qualities to take his and his client’s business to new heights of success.

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