Mega Viral Tiktok Star Taylor Watson Will Release New Hard-Hitting Pop Music This Spring

“This is a brutally honest pop record. I used to hold back a lot when I was writing… I don’t anymore. I don’t care if I look unpleasant, weak, or pathetic, if I’m the hero or villain of the story – as long as I’m self-aware enough to own it and articulate it. I think every feeling is valid and worth exploring, and I think I do that in this record.”

You may know her as the “breastfeeding cat lady” from the mega-viral skit that blew up in December of last year, or you may know her from one of her other sketch videos, which have been viewed over 3 billion times and counting. A natural born storyteller, Taylor Watson is ready to share her message in the music world, and she is as vibrant and candid in her songs as she is in her viral videos.

Raw lyrics and sticky melodies meld together with unapologetic attitude in the record’s first single, ‘That Bxtch,’ available April 22nd. A masterful blend of clever wordplay and direct commentary on womanhood, “That Bxtch” is the female empowerment anthem we have all been waiting for.

“This single is about owning your power and embracing confident, successful, and outspoken – and not letting anyone make you feel ‘too much’ for it. Women, in particular, who are tough in business, stand up for themselves, are passionate about their beliefs and loud with their opinions, are often deemed “too confident” or “intimidating” like that’s a bad thing.

We have to take the negative impact of certain words away from those who misuse them. If someone calls me a name for a trait, I value in myself, I’d rather say, ‘thank you’ than ‘I’m sorry.’ Stay fierce, stay unapologetic! That’s my stance in this song.”

In this track, listeners are treated to heavy stomps, stadium claps, rock guitars, unorthodox soundbites, unapologetic, explicit lyrics and one hell of a wild melody ride.

“I hope the people who connect to this song, I hope it makes them want to dance their faces off and just feel empowered and supported in who they are. I hope listeners feel fierce and that this beat can turn a bad day around. I honestly just hope this makes people feel good about themselves, even in the face of scrutiny. It’s got a message, sure, but it’s meant to be fun.

Like, who cares if people think you’re too much? Or don’t like if you don’t take no for an answer? If you’re a powerhouse and that intimidates some people? Whatever! Stay true to you. Don’t let anyone – or any word – take that boss energy away from you. Not now, not ever.”

Taylor Watson’s single, ‘That Bxtch’, drops on April 22nd and you too can join the hype pre-save the song: – and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Official Website.

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