Mehir Khanna, Entrepreneur and the Founder of Theaos, Kokobella and Noiseout Listed Among India’s Leading Entrepreneurs in the World

There are Dreamers and There are Achievers. Today we will talk about a youth sensation of India and the pride of the country Mehir Khanna. He hails from an affluent family in Delhi. A young Entrepreneur, who has achieved so many things at such a young age that most people do not even achieve in their lifetime.

When at the young age of 19 most of the youth of his age indulge in partying and having fun but mehir already started taking his future goals and aspirations seriously. From a very young age, he believed in hard work and started his 3 self startup businesses “ THEAOS, KOKOBELLA, NOISEOUT , Theaos is a leading hookah catering company where that serve pan India for any occasion. Whereas Kokobella is into luxury scented candles and noise out is all about events and influencers.

Mehir Khanna also believes in helping, sharing, and caring, he started helping needy people who are willing to start their own business but had no proper resources. He supported people by providing funds and standing with them.

Being born and brought up in Delhi mehir never let stop him from dreaming big. His father had links and associations with India’s top leading politicians and now the legacy is being continued by him.
He’s strongly associated with India’s well-known politicians and entrepreneurs.

Coming from a business family he has invested money in many sectors which he is solely handling and managing, right now he owns 3 startups that are no longer startups and now well-known brands, he’s also providing funds and helping people financially who want to start-up businesses and helping young youth to develop their morale and follow their dreams.

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