MELA Watermelon Water is the New Drink Poised to Take Over the Scene

Watermelon is a fruit with multiple health benefits. As the name suggests, 92% of watermelon contains water, making it a great food for hydration. It is also rich in antioxidants and amino acids that restore lost minerals in the body. The natural electrolytes in watermelon regulate body temperature and promote normal organ functioning.

All these qualities make watermelon juice a great substitute for water, coconut water, soda, and chemically processed drinks. The natural sweetness in watermelons also satisfies sugar cravings without overloading the body with calories.

No wonder watermelons are a big part of Indonesian culture. Watermelon juice is available almost everywhere, from gyms to coffee shops and even bars. Like Pedialyte in the U.S., people in Indonesia depend on this natural goodness to stay hydrated instead of gulping gallons of water. Mela Water, a form of pure watermelon juice, is the new drink that aims to introduce this culture in the U.S.

The aim is to make people realize that they have a healthy alternative to soda, electrolyte solutions, and chemically processed drinks. Mela Water is also a great substitute for coconut water with its hydration properties and naturally sweet flavor.

Mela Water is made from fresh, ripe watermelons sourced from some of the most exotic places in the world, where they are grown throughout the year. Mela gets its watermelons from the jungles of Southeast Asia, where the fruit is grown in abundance. Mela Water is made from the juice of the inner pulp of naturally sweet watermelons. As the juice doesn’t have a thick consistency like other fruit juices, Mela has named it ‘water.’ It resembles the consistency of water and can be a healthy alternative to normal water or coconut water.

Apart from hydration, Mela Water can be used to make other exciting recipes and drinks. It can be a go-to drink at the beach and after working out. Mela Water can be frozen to form popsicles or added to smoothies and mixtures. It can be served as a party drink or mixed with any fruit pulp for a unique flavor. To further add a flavorful twist to this all-natural watermelon drink, Mela has introduced a range of flavors to its water, such as watermelon and ginger, watermelon and pineapple, and watermelon and passion fruit.

Mela has been owned by Dominic Purpura since 2021. An accomplished entrepreneur in the food industry, Dominic earlier founded a beef jerky company in California but was in search of a product that would market and sell itself. He loved the concept of watermelon water, which stands a chance of taking the hydration industry by storm. He bought the company from the Mela founders, who started the brand after being inspired by the watermelon culture in Indonesia while on a trip there.

Now, Dominic wants to scale up the brand and make Mela Water available to people across the U.S. and the world. He hopes to launch the product on Amazon this year and expand its availability from 15 to 25 states across the U.S. Dominic also wants to give back to the community in Southeast Asia. For every 4-pack of Mela sold, the brand will plant 1 tree in that area. Dominic aims to plant at least 40K trees by the end of 2022.

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