Mercy Anthony: An Artist Who Takes Makeup to New Extremes

An Artist (n)

An artist is a person who makes works of art.

The definition of an artist exemplifies the narrow but significant divide between those who merely create artistic works and those who produce art. Creating art redefines these individuals as ‘Others,’ who create art because they must, and not simply as a byproduct of putting bread on the table.

Mercy is an artist who works on the most intricate canvas in existence – the human body. She is, at her core, an artist first and a professional second.

The Art

In just a few years, Mercy has already carved out a niche for herself as a professional hair and makeup artist. 

Thanks to the fast-moving conventions, mores and tastes of the current generation, combined with the worldwide social media boom in recent years, cosmetic artists have sprung up everywhere in ever-increasing numbers. Mercy however, stands out because she is willing to swim against the current. Her distinct hair and makeup style is iconic, edgy, and eye-catching.

Mercy’s distinctive style is a modern take on an age-old art form that reflects a refined individualism. Her ability to achieve this one-of-a-kind but remarkable skill may have been sowed in the modest beginnings of her life.

The Beginning

Mercy Anthony started her work as a fledgling freelance makeup artist before moving on to the big leagues. The hunger of an artist, who allowed herself no limitations when exploring and learning, coupled with her inherent diligence and commitment to her art form, has fueled her drive to attain success in her chosen field.

She’s also collaborated with several high-end fashion brands and publications, including Vogue, Man’s World, Myntra, and others, forging industry relationships with the industry’s top agencies. Actors, anchors, VJs, and top models are among her high-profile clients.

Mercy’s creative appetite and determination kept her afloat during her early hardships; even though she had no undue advantages in the industry and with the odds being stacked against her, she persevered. The same passion and enthusiasm fueled her professional success in the years to come.

The Metamorphosis

Mercy is a passionate young content creator who, since 2015, has bucked convention and paved her path in the worlds of beauty, fitness, and fashion. She went into beauty and celebrity makeup and styling after graduating from the famed Fat MU academy as a professional makeup artist.

Her early fitness training, which she always carried out in tandem with her professional work, provided her with the confidence to enter a mostly undefined market in India for women’s fitness, nutrition, and well-being.

The Trailblazer

Mercy’s art demonstrates her distinctive style, which is inspired largely by her perception of current events in her local area and the world at large. She possesses a one-of-a-kind ability to enhance, develop, and grow her Cosmetic Techniques and Management skills. Throughout her entire body of work, her unique abilities have resulted in her creating a plethora of trailblazing and jaw-dropping looks.

Her numerous brand collaborations have earned her international fame for collaborating with companies that rarely recognize South Asian artists, culminating in the flagship launch of many of these brands within the Indian market, domestically as well as introducing these to the expat community abroad.

In the context of her worldwide activities, her mission statement represents the diversity and talent of Indian content creators as she continues to encourage and collaborate with photographers, stylists and models from the world over.


Mercy’s makeup isn’t about concealing flaws. She never tries to conceal or alter a person’s look; instead, she strives to enhance physical attributes and natural features while highlighting inner beauty. She’s also listed in a worldwide roster of the finest makeup artists globally.

Mercy’s domination in the field of hair and makeup has been paying off majorly in recent years, as is evidenced by the vast list of affiliations she has created as well as the goodwill and respect she commands in the makeup and Beauty sphere, in the country and worldwide.

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