Merit Circle Seals Huge Partnership With IMX and Polygon


In a significant development, Merit Circle DAO has entered into a strategic partnership with two prominent entities in the crypto gaming space, Immutable and Polygon. This partnership is set to lead industry advancements, making a big move as the sector picks up speed in 2024.

WHo Are Merit Circle?

The mission of Merit Circle DAO is to integrate blockchain possibilities into gaming, shaping the future of interactive gaming experiences. Rooted in the DAO’s core, is the Beam SDK. This software development kit empowers game developers with flexible tools to integrate blockchain elements into their games, fostering innovation in the gaming industry.


The four pillars driving Merit Circle DAO’s initiatives are:

Merit Circle Investments: The DAO strategically invests in web3 projects, establishing a resilient treasury to navigate industry shifts and support ongoing growth.

Merit Circle Gaming: Prioritizing engaging and well-designed games, the DAO seeks to disrupt traditional industry practices, advancing gaming infrastructure for a more rewarding player experience.

Merit Circle Studios: Positioned at the forefront, the Studios vertical allows the DAO to actively contribute to game development and incubate innovative projects, leveraging its industry knowledge.

Sphere Marketplace: Riding the wave of NFT growth, Merit Circle DAO brings its gaming expertise to Sphere, an NFT marketplace designed to address existing gaps and cater to gamers seeking a seamless NFT experience.

Partnership with IMX and Polygon

This collaboration signifies a paradigm shift as Merit Circle DAO teams up with Immutable and Polygon to enhance the Beam ecosystem. The integration involves Immutable zkEVM powered by Polygon, embracing a multi-chain approach.

The focal point of this collaboration is the aforementioned Sphere; the gaming marketplace that will serve as the central hub for games within the network. With features like instant settlement and minimal fees, courtesy of Immutable zkEVM and Polygon, Sphere aims to offer a smoother and more rewarding gaming experience.

Emphasizing a shared commitment to advancing gaming experiences through technological convergence, this collaboration is seen as a massive step towards creating an innovative, accessible, and sustainable gaming era as attention on the industry begins to ramp up.

Sustainability And Growth

Beyond the gaming experience, the collaboration addresses sustainability and ecosystem growth. The introduction of a small fee with every transaction within Sphere contributes to the platform’s development, supporting initiatives such as buying and burning BEAM tokens. This fee structure creates a sustainable model, ensuring the longevity of the collaborative efforts.

Final Thoughts

This partnership not only signifies a powerful alliance in the gaming industry, but also sets the stage for a future where blockchain seamlessly integrates with gaming:

β€œAt the Merit Circle DAO, we want Beam – our gaming ecosystem – to be wherever games, players and developers are. This collaboration with Immutable and Polygon Labs represents a huge leap towards that vision,” said Marco van den Heuvel, CGO and Co-founder, Merit Circle.

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