Miami-Based Mixer DJ Devious Remix Turns The Disk Into His Favor

For ages, people have been celebrating music. It’s more like a party with all the composers, lyricist, vocalist, and pianist and so on. These many people come together to make one song which then takes a special place in people’s heart. While, there is an artist who keeps these tracks evergreen – A Disk Jockey. DJ keeps music alive through parties and ceremonies. People celebrate DJ’s through different concerts and shows. TomorrowLand is one of the biggest example of the same where every year people from across the globe visit Belgium to celebrate music alongside many world famous DJs. When talking about such amazing DJ’s, Miami has produced many and one such name is Michael Mateo A.K.A. DJ Devious Remix, who has outshined through his major music drops in the state of Florida.

DJ Devious Remix has been playing through the city of Miami for years and people have been hopping on his Afrobeats, hip-hop and Reggae routines. People have seen many DJs in this decade but DJ Devious Remix has brought alluring twist and taste in music. His sense of sound and the effect of the same on the audience is his forte. He is often found remixing on the original Hip Hop numbers and twisting the same into an Afrobeat or sometimes Reggae, making him the ‘Homie’ for many.

DJ Devious Remix’s excellent skills of playing these numbers come from his roots. He always wanted to strengthen his basics and that made him practice the art of ‘Turntable’ for 25 years, making everyone groove on his beats without halt.

From Instagram to YouTube, DJ Devious Remix sticks to his roots and mix his routine live to entertain his crowd through his bosker choice of beats. He always makes sure that no club, yacht, cruise, weddings and bar of Miami go motionless through his originals. DJ Devious Remix believes in remixing and not losing the originals.

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