Miami-based Model and Actress Linda Jasmine Walker Cast in Au Pairs Season 3

MIAMI, Florida–Model and actress Linda Jasmine Walker joined the cast of the new season of Dutch reality show Au Pairs. Au Pairs, a program on the Netherlands TV network NPO 3, follows four au pairs living with host families in Europe and the United States. Previous seasons have been set in the United States and Italy. The third season is filmed in Miami, with Walker’s family hosting one of the four au pairs.

Au Pairs, which airs on NPO 3, is a BNNVARA reality television show chronicling the lives of au pairs living with, “Toddlers with tantrums and game addictions, host parents who are extreme control freaks or don’t come home for weeks.”  Emma (23), Noah (19), Imre (19), and Wendie (23) travel for three months to Miami, to work as au pairs with American host families.

Linda Jasmine Walker is an influencer from an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Illinois. She got most of her acting training at The Actor’s Loft in Royal Oaks, Michigan, and got into extra work during college. Linda is currently modeling and acting with the Green Agency in Miami.

Linda married her college sweetheart and has two sons who also act and model with the Green Agency. The Walker family hosts one of the four Dutch au pairs in their home of Miami, Florida.

When Linda was signed on to host Imre, the au pair that became an additional member of her family, she and her family were excited about the change in their home life.

“You know what they say, give a woman a nanny, she could conquer the world,” Linda says in a released clip from NPO. When asked about the experience, Linda beamed back, “It was a really fun experience,” she says.

Linda’s two sons, who also model and act with the Green Agency, are managed by her. One of them, Samuel, runs his own business. “I have two e-commerce brands myself,” says Linda, “But Sam has really taken the lead in running Sam’s Toys. He has a YouTube channel, as well as an Instagram account helping to show off all the toys he’s collected and sold.”

Linda has an Instagram she keeps updated to stay connected with fans and friends, and responds on the platform for inquiries.

Linda Jasmine Walker graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science from Olivet Nazarene University. She also pursued modeling and acting. She studied acting at The Actors Loft in Michigan. She also lived in St. Martin and worked in entertainment. She’s currently signed to the Green Agency in Miami.  She lives in Miami and volunteers at local schools and donates to charity.

She married her college sweetheart and has two sons. Some of her hobbies include singing, drawing, roller skating, and “momager” to her sons that are actors and models. She also has two online businesses in e-commerce. Her sons also have YouTube channels (Sam’s Toys.) The Walker family is featured on Au Pairs season 3. It can be seen on NPO.

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