Miami Rapper Krackkah Jhack on Following His Dreams and Rising Above Adversity

Music has always been a significant part of rapper Krackkah Jhack’s life. But for several years, his music career took a back seat as he pursued other interests. Yet, despite all the twists and turns his life took, he keeps coming back to music. Today, he is ready to pursue his lifelong dream and take the rap world by storm.

Krackkah Jhack is an African American musician and fashion designer from Miami, Florida. Slowly but surely, he is spreading his wings and soaring to greater heights in the music industry. As an artist, he is known for an unorthodox but genius lyrical skill set and fast-flowing lyrics. Aside from his musical skill, fans adore him because of his relatable personality. This artist’s positive outlook on life is infectious, and he inspires his fans to keep believing in themselves and their abilities.

Krackkah Jhack writes his music intentionally. He views songwriting as forming a relationship with his listeners. Although he may make songs about complex subjects or experiences, his skill allows the audience to empathize with the words and discover how they can apply them to their lives.

When people listen to his music, they will hear a rapper who is passionate about his craft. Krackkah Jhack said, “I strive to articulate my rhymes and deliver them with the passion needed to properly depict what I mean.”

This rapper also thinks ahead whenever he records new music. Krackkah Jhack explained, “I always try to give theatrics behind the mic so that the recording comes across with a visual prior to the release of a music video. When they listen to my songs, I also want people to form an image in their head regarding what the song is about.”

Krackkah Jhack has been rapping since he was in junior high school, and he signed on to a local record label, Deadline Gangstas, a few years later. The rapper shared, “Throughout the years I have been in the industry, I have gained a deeper understanding of what the industry has provided and what growing up in the ‘hood has given me. Everything I learned from these two worlds I channeled into my songs. I hope that my words can give other people the momentum to be better.”

If Krackkah Jhack comes across as someone who does not give up, that is because he is determined to make the best out of his life. In 2010, he was the victim of gun violence, which the artist said changed his life forever. “I was shot twice. One hit me in the leg, near my femoral nerve.

That one gave me sciatica, and I have painful and debilitating flare-ups,” he shared, “And the other bullet went through my arm and up to my chest. It got so close to my heart, but luckily I survived.” He also experienced PTSD from this ordeal, which he explained feels like being a prisoner in his own mind.

After seeking the help he needed and surrounding himself with a support system, Krackkah Jhack has turned his life around. He found a renewed focus on his passion for rap and music, and he strengthened his clothing line. “I made a lot of lemonade from the lemons live threw at me. And the biggest thing I learned is to believe in myself no matter what, and never to give up.”

Krackkah Jhack is a rapper from Miami, Florida. For more updates on his music, check him out on Instagram and YouTube. He is also the co-founder of the Krazy Intuition clothing line.

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