Miami vs. Madrid: Daniela Tablante on International Fame

Where’s best to be a career woman in the modern world? Madrid or Miami?

Daniela Tablante, the fourth runner-up for Miss Europe 2020 and Hispanic TV show host, has found international fame throughout her career. What started as a degree in media and communication managed to land her an essential internship with a popular news channel. From there, Daniela’s career went from strength to strength.

Last year, Daniela found herself at the head of her own company, acting as CEO in an international media and communications brand. She grew her Instagram following, which now stands at more than 460 thousand people. All of this she did while finishing up a master’s degree and working in radio. 

Daniela has been a TV presenter, an actress, and a producer. She is a documentary filmmaker and is well on her way to being one of the best-known influencers on the ‘gram. She even managed to represent Spain in Miss Europe 2020, narrowly missing out on the top-tier prizes.

Given all her successes, what does Miss Tablante think about working in Europe versus working in Miami? Let’s find out!

Miami Versus Madrid… The Great Debate

What are the differences between the two locations? High-flyer Daniela Tablante tells all.

The Pace of Life

While the sunshine state is known for its relaxed attitude, laid-back way of life, and a generally older population, Madrid is a hotspot of activity. The Spanish live their lives outdoors, eating small portions of food in bars and working two shifts a day. Miami people are more inclined to walks in the park, followed by putting their feet up at home.

The Work Ethic

Regardless of which city she is in, Daniela surrounds herself with people that work hard. This is a great idea to maintain her work ethic, but it doesn’t give her the best view on which city works harder. She says they both work equally as hard, but we think she is just lovely!

The Friendliness of the People

Madrid men will openly stare at you in the street. American men are less likely to stare openly. They still stare, but they try to do it without you seeing them. Asides from the young men, the people in Madrid, are fun and open, while the people of Miami are more reserved and more pleasant.

The Fashion

It’s hard to compare European styles with the denim and cotton of America. Let’s face it, Madrid is the fashion capital of the world, and Miami is…not. However, Daniela remains positive and insists that the fashion is just as good on the other side of the pond.

Learn More about Daniela Tablante

If you are still curious about Daniela, you can learn more about her over on Haute Living. You can also follow her on Instagram, where you can join her 460+ other followers who get regular updates about her day-to-day life. You can also inquire as to her availability for TV and movie projects via her website.

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