Michael Bievetski Supports SMEs as Digital Transformation Takes Over the Business Sector

The companies in today’s time still follow the traditional business module where the internal processes and procedures work without having digital support. With the advancement of digitalization, there have been clear structures and many companies have adopted this new change which has boosted sales by a huge number. Understanding the potential of the digital structures in companies, entrepreneur Michael Bievetski is helping many SMEs to use digital means for higher sales and reach.

Bievetski, CEO of Bievetski Consulting, believes that the digital transformation in the company affects all the departments right from marketing to recruiting to sales. “The SMEs, in particular, are highly beneficial with digital transformation as the processes are automated and help in tracking substantial growth,” says the entrepreneur. Adding to it, he stated that digitalization can help in tracking the tasks thus reducing the workload of the employees.

Born in Moscow, Bievetski is currently based out of Dubai and is a consultant to many businessmen and companies who want to establish in the Middle East. Having worked as a banker in the past, he decided to switch to consulting. Bievetski being a serial entrepreneur has always emphasized on making the right investments. Looking at the growth of digital means, the entrepreneur started an own consulting company.

With an only focus on promoting SMEs to adopt the digital change, the entrepreneur has his eye on all the latest trends in the digital market. His team is currently researching how Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will become a part and parcel of every business. “The strategy is simple. Follow the trends and make sure to take the business over the digital domain”, he added. The entrepreneur who works remotely has got some of the best workplaces which includes 5-star suites, resorts and beaches. By working at the plush locations, his network is not just becoming rock solid, but Bievetski has also succeeded in developing SMEs through digitalization.

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