Michael Osland Explains The Scope Of Housekeeping That Goes Beyond Cleaning

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is the underlying spirit of good housekeeping that ensures comfortable and healthy living at home. Housekeeping is perhaps the most crucial domestic activity that no one should try to compromise with because good housekeeping can make your home the most comfortable place with few comparisons, opines Michael Osland.

To create the haven, homeowners must have proper knowledge and understanding about what constitutes good housekeeping. Besides, they must learn the techniques and skills of doing various housekeeping tasks if they want to do it independently.

Quality housekeeping requires a lot of effort primarily focused on cleanliness which includes various tasks that you must undertake when the spaces are empty, or the residents are away. It will ensure that once the residents return, they would enjoy a clean and healthy space that makes a living more enjoyable.

It is crucial to complete all housekeeping tasks in empty spaces so that it is possible to attain complete cleanliness by reaching out to every nook and cranny. Moreover, residents feel happy when they see all places clean that improves their wellness and wellbeing.

Cleanliness comes first, says Michael Osland

One thing that figures in all housekeeping tasks is to maintain cleanliness. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that cleanliness comes first in housekeeping. It is also the benchmark to judge the quality of any housekeeping task.

Whether it is dusting, changing bed sheets, cleaning floors, carpets, and sofas, the ultimate test of the quality of work is cleanliness.  Housekeeping tasks are labor-intensive because most of these involve wiping and cleaning of various surfaces manually by using some cleaning accessories like cloth, dusters, and wipes along with some cleaning agents.

Knowing the proper cleaning techniques and using the right kind of equipment like vacuum cleaner can make some of your work lighter. But still, housekeeping is time-consuming, and you must do it daily by following a routine so that you can maintain the desired level of cleanliness.

Working order assurance

Cleaning is the goal of all housekeeping tasks. However, you must also ensure that the household equipment, plumbing items, and electronics you are likely to touch during cleaning are in working condition after completing the work.

It is essential because housekeeping relates to comfortable living, too, and pointing out any defects or malfunctioning equipment is the responsibility of the housekeeping staff. It shows the awareness of the staff about the work that they are doing.  Good housekeeping includes the proper functioning of all household items that the housekeeping staff comes across.

 Safe home environment

By accomplishing the tasks of cleaning and ensuring the proper functioning of all household items, it provides adequate safety. Sanitization of every room, especially the bathrooms and kitchen, is crucial for non-toxic and safe cleaning products.

You must also ensure its safe storage, looking for broken glasses in windows and other places, and identifying potential risks for children, and bringing it to the notice of the homeowners within the housekeeping staff’s scope.

The ultimate target of all housekeeping tasks is to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable living space that the residents would love.

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