Michael Silvers Helps You Level Up in Life and Business

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Michael Silvers is sharing his secrets to more income, peace of mind, and time.

Michael Silvers’ secrets to scaling are the key to elevating in life and business. “To live the life you want to live, you need first to build your relationship with others.” 

Michael has always joint ventured with other leaders as a mentor, promoter, trainer, speaker, and business owner. He, together with his wife, has always lived a life of service. 

About Michael Silvers

Michael Silvers grew up and lived in Los Angeles for 33 years and currently lives in Seattle, Washington. This visionary man is an Executive Vice President of Global Training at Powerteam International, a business development company that offers 300+ events annually worldwide. He is also the Managing Partner of ‘The Mentors Studio’ with his business partner, Mary Glorfield (Tony Robbins VP for 18 years), a group of mentors in 15 countries that hold 50+ events; and 200 hours digital, in entertainment, podcasting, speaking, training, and entrepreneurship. 

Additionally, Michael is at the forefront of helping professionals create wealth and engineer the lifestyle they truly desire. He helps develop and coordinate the company’s training, masterminds, mentoring, and coaching programs worldwide.

Here are Michael’s secrets to scaling and leveling up:

Leading And Developing Teams

Team building is both an art and a science that needs a consistent leader who can build high performance and attention. Michael uses a clear and consistent strategic and tactical approach in supporting the rapid growth of his team. This man excels in leading and developing groups and individuals to achieve peak performance and has helped tens of thousands of individuals create wealth and live the lives they truly desire. 

Leading and developing teams has many benefits. They help increase productivity, nurture future leaders, improve their managerial abilities, improve risk management, build effective work teams and enable better decision making. 

Training & Coaching

Coaching is an essential tool in developing people in many areas of their life.

According to statistics (ICF 2009), over 70% of those who received coaching improved their relationship, work performance, and now have more effective communication skills, while 80% of those being coached increased their self-confidence. 

Michael is a master trainer and practitioner of NLP and Advanced Neurological Repatterning.

His clear and consistent strategic and tactical direction is vital to supporting the rapid growth of coaching programs, his management and training of Master Coaches, and the continuing development of coaching models and techniques. 

He has been a Director of coaching and Lead trainer and has created trainings, masterminds, developed and directed the coaching divisions for:

  • PowerTeam International
  • Dream University: Marcia Wieder
  • Ultimate Internet Boot Camp: Harv Eker and Alex Mandossian
  • Christopher Howard Companies
  • Peak Potentials 
  • Harv Eker International

Public Speaking

Experts agree that public speaking is the most helpful skill to have for almost every area of your life and for building your personal development. Public speaking helps you improve your critical thinking skills, creativity, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism. Additionally, it can help you boost your confidence significantly and overcome your fears. 

Public speaking helps you improve your communication skills and foster personal development resulting in higher personal satisfaction. It also helps you with making new social connections.

Why Michael Silvers Is The Best In The Game

Michael’s success has not been an easy walk in the park. He has had to overcome fears that watered down his courage to accomplish his dreams and goals. He has faced money challenges and struggled with setting priorities and time management.

However, Michael never allowed his challenges to overcome him. He and his wife made the choice to buy every personal development and business training course and say “Yes” to any opportunity that was not harmful to themselves or others. They chose to heavily invest in themselves. 

Today, Michael stands as a coveted figure in the industry. He has conducted over a thousand live events and produced over 300 hours of digital content. This entrepreneur surrounds himself with like-minded leaders. Being part of a mastermind group and having mentors has always propelled him to the next level in life and business. Michael has a clear plan of where he is going and never waivers on his vision. 

When you want to level up, follow Michael’s secrets: lead and develop teams, invest in coaching and training, learn public speaking, and embrace career counseling and development. 

Michael Silvers is a walking example for himself and thousands more around the globe. 

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