Microsoft Announces Open Source PowerShell

On Thursday, Microsoft announced that PowerShell is coming to Linux and Mac. PowerShell is Microsoft’s automation and scripting service. The announcement means that it is now going open source. In addition, the company is releasing alpha versions of PowerShell for Linux and Mac OS X. As a result, people who are proficient in using Microsoft’s scripting language can utilize them on other platforms. Moreover, people who already use Linux and Mac will now have another tool to help them get their work done.

Microsoft started opening up its products in 2014 when it open sourced its .NET programming frameworks. This also makes the skills of Windows administrators more marketable. Currently, Microsoft is still working on finalizing PowerShell’s remote access abilities on Linux. Once completed, administrators can use PowerShell on Windows to remotely manage a set of Linux systems. Due to a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon, they can also manage them on AWS. PowerShell for Linux should be generally available during the first half of 2017.

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