Middle Eastern Musicians All Set to Follow Marketing Trends From the West, Says Al Dubai Media

PR and Marketing firm Al Dubai Media is all equipped to initiate a marketing trend for musicians in the Gulf pronounces, Founder Shubham Singh Dhanda, an entrepreneur and well-known marketeer. The franchise includes two confederates, Co-founder DB Gad, a Middle Eastern artist pushing for Arabic rap into the eyes and ears of the public, and Patron Pramod Sarai, software engineer turned marketing strategist.
Shubham Singh Dhanda’s marketing firm, SSD Media Wiz’s collaboration with DB Gad’s production house, GAD Music Production is set to strive and thrive. Al Dubai Media’s services make it clear that personal brands are the new currency of business and culture. Personal branding and media exposure allows your target audience to know what your brand can do for them. How you brand yourself is how they will identify with you. That is why Al Dubai Media focuses on all-round growth; integrated marketing, public relations, strategic planning, brand consultation, reputation management, influencer & celebrity marketing, and social media & digital marketing are only a few services rendered by this firm.
Long gone are the days of sharing business cards over cocktails at networking events to make new contacts. Networking and Personal Branding is more than just a buzzword. Rather, it is a concept escalating about communicating credibly with key audiences who affect business results. It is an indispensable feature in supporting the potential as well as adding merit to the organization’s brands to all its stakeholders. Personal  Branding and Media management constitute immense practical applications that enable every professional to build on their core competencies, inherent strengths, and unique expertise to create a distinct personal brand.
The Company Al Dubai Media is endorsed by an Indian-American music marketing company, SSD Media Wiz, based in Delhi and Florida along with GAD Music Productions, based in Dubai Marina. CEO, Shubham Singh Dhanda says, “This year has turned out to be a good avenue to position my brand strategically within the industry. I leveraged all my resources and time, and it has flourished during the pandemic.” SSD Media Wiz reported a revenue of over a million dollars in the financial year of 2020.
Shubham Singh Dhanda, born to an Army officer, moved to Delhi, India in the year 2016. He began his venture in the year 2017, initially working as a freelancer in social media marketing, he successfully generated a huge clientele in the marketing sector just by referrals from his marketing-partnered brands and Individuals because of his work. This led him to expand his team overseas and now SSD Media Wiz is said to have more than 25 full-time marketing professionals associated with them. This is where Singh met Pramod Sarai, a strategist that he most needed to lead his team in certain sectors.
Pramod Sarai is a software engineer turned marketing strategist. He is said to hold wizardly expertise in Search engine optimisation, software testing as well. The two joined hands to give exceptional consultation for marketing and branding to their clients. Their message-based social strategy engages the audience and builds a healthy reputation for the brand online. “Branding is the modern era’s way of building relationships based on trust and transparency, as no agency can afford to take a hit on their reputation”, says Shubham Singh Dhanda.
On a mission to expand in the middle east, the Shubham Singh Dhanda partnered with DB Gad. The Middle East is diverse, exciting, volatile in every way possible, and is developing very fast across all areas. “Creating long-term online and offline communication strategies for the audience and in ways that genuinely connect them to the brand, is what we aim” says, Shubham Singh Dhanda.
DB Gad was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and grew up in Ukraine. The 28-year-old composes his beats and writes the lyrics to all his songs. Gad proudly produced music for other artists, which were quick to go viral. He received over a million views in a matter of three months for his track ‘Nafas’. Shubham Singh Dhanda and DB Gad go back a long way. Shubham Singh Dhanda was part of Gad’s marketing team, and they have been partners since. The two along with marketing strategist, Pramod Sarai are well organized to set up Al Dubai Media by January 2021, a PR-agency for the Middle East.

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