Mike Bartholomew Recognized Amongst the Top 3 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in California

Bodybuilder, husband, father of two, and entrepreneur with seven income streams, Mike Bartholomew is quite rightly recognized as one of the top 3 most influential go-getters in California.

At the time of writing, there are over one million millionaires living in the state of California alone, so rising to be one of the most influential is a notable triumph. Bartholomew has a zest for wealth and hunger for happiness present in most entrepreneurs’ eyes, but there’s something slightly different about this executive that leaves you awe-inspired. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, freedom is happiness.”

Rising to the top in a winner takes all society can be taxing on your soul, popular slogans rehashed through the ages like “you have to have a bit of dirt on you to reach the top” are quickly rejected by Bartholomew, much preferring to believe that “the biggest difference between me and the competition is integrity, good things happen to good people” which is just one of his tips for success.

Understanding this logic and accepting its truth is a breath of fresh air to all those who desire wealth but refuse to step over another to achieve it. Bartholomew uses his words and actions wisely to demonstrate his part in a new, fresh, and original contingent of passionate bosses doing a job because they want to, not because they have to. He’s exhibiting a positive mindset, refusing old school mottos, and blazing a trail for us to follow whilst creating new unique mottos constructed for a new unique world.

“Success is working towards the end result, whether that be as a parent a spouse or a millionaire,” Bartholomew says. He also adds that enjoying the journey is a must and belief in yourself is imperative. “Believing is when you look at a barren tree and know that it will bear fruit by nurturing it. Anything in your life you want, you have to believe so you can see it.”

Using honesty and integrity as your framework, having a “never say die” attitude, and learning to use fear to your advantage is an inspiring notion. “Fear can work for you or against you. If you’re fearful of living a mediocre life then fear will be your biggest motivator. If you’re fearful because you’re afraid of failing then you’ll more than likely never start.”

Learning how to live and win in the game of life by taking advice from someone who’s set to earn his first million before the age of thirty years old is a wise move. At the very least, it will teach you to become a good person.

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